Affiliate Links Disclosure

Federal Trade Commission Rules

Hi, my name is Darmendra Singh, and I am the owner of the Blog Making Money from Home.

If you do not know what my blog is about, in short, I can tell you that in this blog you will find different posts with ideas to work from home and make some extra money with the purpose of helping on your economic situation.

I want to make clear that before publishing any idea to make money from home, I make an extensive review of it to make sure that what I mention is legitimate with the intention of not damaging your person which is completely out of my principles.

Because each of the ideas for making money from home that is mentioned in my blog is based on the criticism and criticism of different users, and in some cases from my own experiences, I do not assume responsibility for the results that anyone can have in case they decide to put them into practice.

Finally, I also want to make it clear that I do not receive any compensation or free products for talking about any company that I mention or suggest on my blog.

Once clarified what my blog is about and how it works, now I will talk about the affiliate links used on this blog as is requested by the Federal Trade Commission also known it as FCT.

As the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION RULES FOR BLOGGERS asks all bloggers, I use affiliate links on my Blog which make me earn a few bucks when anyone buys through any of my affiliates links which do not cause any extra cost to you.

Do you know what an affiliate link is?

An affiliate link is a way of how bloggers (including me) make money with their blogs or on their social media. The way this works is that every link promotes a product and if anybody purchases through the link, the affiliate earns a commission.

But why do I use affiliate links? Well, there are two main reasons, and I want to share them with you.

The first reason is that the earnings from my blog help to my family income because, at this moment, only my husband is who brings a check to home.

The second reason is the same one of all bloggers, which is to pay all the expenses we do to keep our blogs running well, this way the viewers can enjoy a good experience while they browse the website.

So, for the reasons mentioned above, you will see different affiliate links on my blog depending on what I am talking.

Per example, in the post of My Five Best Survey Programs to enroll,  I get a commission from GlobalTestMarket for each person who registers to the program through the affiliate link.

Also, you could see some ads from which is an online store where you can find beautiful clothes for women. I do use this store for my blog because I found many cool clothes for a good price which I think many women could be interested.

Every affiliate link that I post is because I would try it or I think a lot of you would like to try it.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this disclosure statement and for giving me the opportunity to earn the trust that I value and respect, reasons why you can be sure that I will continue to work hard to remain as honest as I have been so far in my publications.

If you want any questions, comment or any other concern, please feel free to contact me at

Do you want to know my story? Visit my about me page to know how I started my Blog.

See ya!