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Best Discount Shoes for Kids

How to Get The Best Discount Shoes for Kids

Hello people, today I will talk about how to save money buying shoes for your kids. It is easy, and once you know where to get the Best Discount Shoes for Kids, you will start saving money like me helping me to put some extra money into my savings account.

Before telling you where to find the best discount shoes for kids let me tell you why we all should consider saving money on our kids’ shoes.

Reasons to look for discount shoes for kids

How many times have you seen that your child or baby has left his shoes almost new? More than once, right? Yes, this happened to me too especially when my son was a baby.

The reason is that as a new parent we want to buy everything we see! Without caring for us as much the price.

A big mistake because most of the time is not worth it. Sadly but true. If you have already gone through this, you know what I mean.

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But for those who are new parents, they will realize that the babies before crawling always leave their shoes as new because they do not use them at all. Besides that, they also change the shoe size number every 3 months.

A very good reason to do not buy expensive shoes unless you do not have any problem with the money.

Then we have the crawling stage. In this step, the shoes will be destroyed in less than a month or even worse in the first week, depending on how active the child is.

So, I will ask you, do you want to pay more than $20 for some shoes that won’t be in good shape in a week? I did it, and I won’t do it again. Why? Because I was caring too much for the shoes that I was trying to stop my child from crawling, awful!

Shoes for Kids
Baby and Infant Adorable Leather Shoes

At this stage, the children will need sturdy shoes more than beautiful or cool ones, but it is possible to find everything in one, you just have to look. And although they can equal or more expensive than the adult shoes it is always possible to find them on sale or with a discount.

Having mentioned before what happens to children’s shoes in each of their stages, don’t you think it is a great idea to get discount shoes for kids.

Having mentioned what happens to children’s shoes on each stage, don’t you think it is a great idea to get discount shoes for kids? Sure it is!

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Well, so let’s move on to check the places where you may get discount shoes for your kids. But, before mentioning my list, I want to clarify am not getting any payment for talking about them. My comments are only based on my experience for the last two years.

Sites Where to Get The Best Discount Shoes for Kids

Here is my list of the places with the best discount shoes for kids and babies.

1. Payless

If you leave in the USA, I am sure you have heard about it. Payless is one of the most popular shoe stores for selling a wide variety of shoes almost for the whole family at the best prices. I say almost because they do not have shoes for babies. 

But if you want an extra discount I recommend going to their website where you may find promo codes. Sometimes you will be able to pay less than 10 dollars for a pair of shoes!

I know some people do not like buying shoes online, especially for children, because they want to make sure they’re buying the right size. Well, this has not to be a problem since your shoes will be at your closest store for pick up. So, you may try them on your kid at the store, and if they don’t fit, change them right away.

Finally, if you want some cash back from your purchase, I recommend using the EBATES cashback program; which is entirely free!

What you need to do is visit and open an account. Once you create one, log in to your account, look for Payless on the searching bar and click on the link. And this is it; you will be surfing at the regular payless website, with the only difference that everything you buy through the Ebates link will give you a cashback reward, which will send it to you via check.

Get 3% Cashback of your purchase at Payless through Ebates. 

Affiliate Disclosure.

If you decide to use my Ebates link to register, I will earn a small commission that does not generate any cost to you; but it helps to cover some of my blog expenses that make it work properly for you.

To know more about this disclosure you can visit my affiliate disclosure here.


Discount Shoes at PaylessDiscount shoes for kids

One of the most recent shoes I bought for my son at Payless for $ 16.00.

2. Target

Target is another store where you find shoes for both babies and children at very affordable prices. But the most incredible thing is that even though its prices are already very accessible, you might get them for a lower price with its different promotions.

For example, if you use the target app you always may find extra discounts just for App Users like right now, if you visit the App you will see all the shoes have %20 off.

Do you want more? Ebates always gives 1% cash back on Target purchases.

Best Discount Shoes for Kids

Toddler Girls’ Jane Low Top Sneakers Cat & Jack™ – Purple at

3. Carter’s

Carter’s is another of my favorite stores for kids’ shoes, but especially for babies since they have super cute shoes for them. Although their prices may be higher comparing with other stores the good news is that several times a year they have big sales from 50% to 70% discount throughout the store. There’s when you have to take advantage.

Another way to getting special discounts is by signing up for their reward program. This program gives you points every time you make a purchase, points that become money through coupons. For example, you may get a $10 coupon. Also, you could often receive extra coupon discounts.

Guess What? Carter’s is also on Ebates! So, you may receive cashback for buying through Ebates. Sign up today! Get 2.5% Cashback of your purchase at Payless through Ebates. 

4. Gymboree

Gymboree is a super fashionist store, so if you like your son’s dress to the latest fashion cry, then this store is for you.

As far as shoes are concerned, these are super cool and modern but as you can imagine the prices can be somewhat expensive.

However, there is a way you can buy those super cool shoes for your son or daughter for a good price. You just have to do it during their big sales that they have several times a year; as well as enrolling the Gymboree reward program for extra discounts. For example, a few months ago I got a pair of shoes for my son for only $8.00. The entire store was 70% off.

One more thing, Gymboree is also part of Ebates. Get 1% cashback.

5. Amazon

What I love from Amazon is that almost all the time I may find my favorite products on an excellent price and shoes for my kid are not the exception.

For example, doing a quick search right now, I found these Carter’s baby shoes for only $9.51


Best Discount Shoes for Kids

Carter’s Every Step Kids’ CatersEvery Step Stage 3 Boy’s Walk, Jonah-WB Fashion Boot

Asking yourself if Amazon is on Ebates. Yes. You get 3% Cashback when you buy shoes on Amazon through Ebates.

What do you think of my Post, Where to Get The Best Discount Shoes for Kids? Leave me your comments; I will be happy to read them.

See ya,

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  1. Wow Cool Posts, But M Don’t Married Yet Hahaha M Just 18 But I will share this post to my aunty , I think she can find this helpful At Last Thanks For sharing nd actually thing I like most of amazon is the variety in anything they provide whether we wanna buy shoes or any other. 🙂

  2. Hi. This is a very useful post for parents like me who have children whose shoe size increases often or gets their shoes beaten up because of playing and lots of running.
    I have bought shoes from the Payless, Carter’s, Gymboree both from the stores and online. I have tried Target when we still have one here in Vancouver. I haven’t tried buying shoes from Amazon though. You’re right that these shoes for children can be expensive (especially the one’s from Gymboree) so I learned how to wait for sales or make use of the discount codes that these stores sent.

    I have heard bout EBATES and have seen TV ads of it but I haven’t tried using it. I should probably give it a try as i like online shopping.

    1. Great! I am glad you found this post helpful. And definitely, you should give Ebates a chance; you don’t have anything to lose and a lot of money what to win 🙂



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