7 Grocery Shopping hacks to save a lot of money on your groceries.

7 Genius Grocery Shopping Hacks That’ll Save you A Lot of Money

Are you one of those who thinks there are not such Grocery Shopping Hacks that may make you save money? Or even worse, you know there ways to save money on grocery shopping but haven’t tried it because maybe be too much work. Well, perhaps that may change when I tell you may save up to $1000 per years using my 7 genius grocery shopping hacks and you do not have to invest a lot of work; 100% proven!

First of all, let me begin with my story of how I started to be interested in money-saving tips on grocery shopping when I moved to the United States.

As I said above my husband and I moved to the USA a few years ago after living for 5 years in Mexico City. We moved to California due to my husband received a great job offer in California, and dam well, we moved.

Hey, wait! Probably you’re asking yourself “why do I have to know this story if I just want to know the 7 grocery shopping hacks?” Well, the reason is that it was not until I moved to the United States that I began to be interested in money saving tips, especially for groceries, and you will know why next.


7 Genius Grocery Shopping Hacks that'll Save You A Lot of Money! Check out this post to learn how I save money on my groceries every month. Read it now or save it for later.

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My First Grocery Shopping in the USA

So, let’s go back to the point of this post. Imagine my face when I saw my first grocery shopping bill here in the USA. Yeah, I was in shock; I could not believe how expensive the groceries are in this country. Besides, that California is one of the most expensive states to live in.

Well, After seeing for a long time how was our money going on grocery shopping is when I decided to find some grocery shopping hacks that could help me save money. Without leaving aside, that we were spending a lot of money on restaurant bills too; for which I also have tricks to save money on restaurants food.


What I did to find my Grocery Shopping Hacks

First of all, I tried many different Grocery Stores. And when I say many is because I did many but I did not see significant changes due to I had to pay for more gasoline going to 3 different stores looking for the offers. So I decided to do something else.

I went to the internet to learn what other people were doing to save money on Groceries. But I wanted to know from real people and also from financial experts, so I read many blogs on budgeting and finances topics. I implemented many of their hacks until finally found my 6 genius grocery shopping hacks that seriously help me to save hundreds of dollars.

Okay, Okay, I know you do not want to read any more about what I did and not did, you already read enough of my story, which I sincerely appreciate.

Then, I do not entertain you more. Below you’ll see the 7 grocery shopping hacks that I use every month.

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7 Genius Grocery Shopping Hack That Will Help with Your Monthly Budget

One last thing, before you ignore any of the grocery shopping hacks, I recommend give them a chance even if they seem foolish or to simple, I promise you they work.


Save money with these 7 genius grocery shopping hacks as I do all the time. Saving money if one of my favorite hobbies so all the time I'm looking for tips and tricks to do it. Do you want to know how I save money on groceries? Click through to find out.

1. Do not visit the store when you are hungry.

This seems very silly but how many times have you gone to the grocery store hungry and end up buying things you did not need? I bet many. It happens to me too. 

Eating before going to the grocery store is on of the grocery shopping hacks you might want to try.

The reason is simple; you are hungry! So, almost everything you see, you want to eat, and guess what? You end up buying them. Sadly they are not the healthiest foods. We buy chips, chocolates, candy, ice cream, cookies, etc. Causing an increase in your grocery bill between 5 and 10 dollars or even more!

So if you want to save those extra bucks and also help with your diet, I recommend doing your grocery shopping after any of your meal. 

2. Do your Groceries alone!

Another easy tip but useful. The reason is that when you go with your husband or children or all together, they’re all putting extra things in the cart, things that you did not have on your list. If I know, sometimes it still happens with my husband. Thank God my son is only 2 years old, and he doesn’t ask that much; yet! So, if you can sneak out alone to the grocery store, do it!

3. Make a Grocery list

Grocery shopping hacks. Do your grocery shopping list before visiting your grocery store.

Another crucial tip, since when you don’t make a grocery list, usually walk through each aisle of the store to remember what you need. And guess what happens? You buy things do not need or worse you never use.

Probably you get them thinking “in case I need it, either way, it is on sale” which is not wrong if you’re really going to use it.

4. Make a Meal Plan

Making a meal plan definitely will help you save money. The reason is that you only buy the groceries needed for your meals, leaving aside the unnecessary purchases.

Then, my advice is to make your grocery list for at least a week or up to two one day before visiting the grocery store. It is proved that the more you visit the supermarket per week the more you spend money. Why? Because of the unnecessary purchases!

5. Buy seasonal food

Another significant recommendation to save money on groceries made it by the experts on food “The Chefs” is to buy the seasonal groceries due to these tend to be a lot of cheaper. So, when you make your food list include those that are in season.


Grocery shopping hacks. Try buying seasonal food to save more money on your groceries.


6. Grocery Stores’ Mobile Apps

This is my favorite money-saving hack on groceries, and let me explain to you why.
Most of my groceries are from Safeway, and the reason is their Mobile App which with makes me save up to $100 per month.

The Safeway App offers exclusive coupons for their loyal clients that you may not get in other stores; without leaving mentioning that you could also get free products every month. Isn’t it awesome?

Another store offering exclusive coupons for the Mobile App’s users is Target which I also use pretty often, and I love it because I save lots of money on my son’s cloth.

Therefore, if your supermarket has a mobile application, register now because it is possible that you may be missing their exclusive offers.


Grocery shopping hacks. Always look for digital coupons at the store app to get more deals during your shopping.

7. Mobile Coupon Apps

Finally, If you are not using digital coupons you have to change that right away. Digital coupons are very easy to use, and they may help you save some extra bucks. There are many mobile coupon applications, but one of my favorites is coupons.com because of its extensive amount of coupons you may find every month.

Another reason why I like coupons.com besides saving money with their coupons is that I may make extra money with their cash back program by submitting my receipts. Oh yeah!

Below some of the coupons, you may find at coupons.com

This is it my friends! What do you think of my grocery shopping hacks? Are you already using one of these? Perhaps you have different ways to save money on groceries and might want to share with us; do not be shy leave them below.


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