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Get Money Back Shopping Online Your Expensive Makeup

How to Get Money Back Shopping Online your Expensive Makeup

How many times have you felt guilty about buying expensive makeup? Or even worse, maybe, you only purchase cheap brands due to the guilty feeling of spending money on that. If this is your case do not feel bad, I was there too until a few months ago. But today I am going to tell you how to get money for shopping online expensive makeup brands.

Time to take care of myself and you should too!

Although I do not use a lot of makeup, I used to buy my makeup only at my grocery store or the drug store, where ever I could find a good deal. But that changed a few months ago; when I realized that after having my baby (which was almost 3 years ago), I wasn’t taking care anymore of me. I was feeling ugly and tired all the time, so I decided it was time to change that for physical and mental health. 

Learn in this post How to Get Money Back Shopping Online.

All this does not mean I do not like being a mom or I am complaining about it; on the contrary, becoming a mom has brought me many satisfactions, joys, and I can say in some way made me a better person, or at least that is what I am trying to for him. Because If you are a parent, you will agree with me that parenting is one of the most stressful and challenging jobs.

But If you’re still not a mom and you are planning to become one, that day you will understand what I am talking 😉

Save and Get Money Back Shopping Online

Hey! wait a second. What does all this have to do with the topic of this article “get money back shopping online expensive makeup brands”? Well, As I said after seeing I was not taking care of myself because I was a full-time mom one day I decided that I had to change that, and I did it. I hired a babysitter for 2 hours twice a week; 2 hours for myself, time to pamper myself for the great job I was doing.

What did I do? I started rewarding myself with nice walks, Zumba classes, and sometimes I enjoy nice manicures and massages. Probably you are thinking “I do not have money to do that,” well you do not have to be rich, and I am not either, that is why I use Groupon all the time 😉 You can always find a great massage coupon for less than $20 or a manicure for $12!

Do you want to learn more about Groupon? learn in this post how I used Groupon all the time to save money on restaurant bills.

As you can imagine another way to reward me was to start buying beauty products that made me feel beautiful and rejuvenated since when you do not have a lot of sleep your face looks awful with dark circles, and sadly some wrinkles start coming out. So, I started looking for the right beauty products to slow down a little the aging process.

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One of those products was buying better makeup, good brands that for sure would take care of my face and hopefully help rejuvenate it a bit. But of course, I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, so I looked for ways to save money on makeup and other beauty products, and I found it; it’s called Rakuten. 

How I Save and Get Money Back Shopping Online My Expensive Makeup

Get Money Back Shopping Online Expensive Makeup Brands

In case, you do not know what Ebates is I would like to start by mentioning that Ebates is a cashback reward program. Every time you shop your favorite products using the Ebates website you receive a percentage of money back for your purchase; which is sent it via check. Another thing I love from Ebates besides the cash back I get from my purchases is that I can always find fantastic deals; you cannot believe all the money you may save on expensive makeup brands and other stuff.

Since I discovered Ebates, all my makeup is from Clinique and below are the reasons that convinced me to do it.

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The first reason is that I got 15% off on my first purchase by subscribing to the Clinique website. The second reason is that they always give you free stuff by buying on the official Clinique website; for example, the first purchase I did they gave me a liquid facial soap and moisturizing lotion, both travel size as a gift.

As, you may see everybody may get the 15% off and freebies by buying the products on their official website, but not the cashback reward, which I get by using Ebates. I may get 2-4% in cashback from the total of my purchases, and sometimes more!

Other expensive beauty brands that I have bought through Ebates is Lancome. I purchased Miel-en-Mousse Foaming Cleanser which is excellent for cleaning my face after a long day. It makes me happy feeling my face skin smooth after using it.

Below, I list some of the makeup brands you may find on Ebates; so you won’t miss the chance to get cashback on your makeup.

Makeup Brands you can find at the Rakuten website.

1. Clinique

2. Lancome

3. Clarins

4. Mac Cosmetics

5. Sephora

6. Biotherm

7. Yves Rocher

8. Marc Jacobs

9. Neutrogena


Did I mention you get a $10 bonus for registering to Ebates? Check out all the stores you may find on Ebates.

What do you think? Are you ready to get money back shopping online for your expensive makeup? It’s time to take care of yourself without paying a fortune.

How do you pamper yourself on a stressful day? Or how would you like to indulge yourself?

I hope you had enjoyed this post and may help you save money and get cashback shopping online!


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See ya soon!

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  1. I have just read Ebates on another website recommending money making apps. It seems to be a good money saving / earning apps after reading your article as well. I am also a busy homemaker so this may sound like the perfect money savings app for me rather than going to stores to purchase.

    1. Darmendra Singh


      I am happy to know that my article may help you save money on your makeup or any other item by using the Ebates website or app. I hope you like it and save a lot of money as I do.



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