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How to choose a laptop

Do You Know How To Choose A Laptop When Is Time For A New One? 

If you are looking for a new laptop to work at home, but you do not know what exactly to buy. Take a few minutes to read this article may help you make a decision. 

I know how difficult is to decide what type of laptop we should buy.laptop on a desk and two cell phones next to it

Making the decision can be a real headache, I´ve been in the same situation a couple of times.

Nobody wants to buy something super expensive thinking that is the best and everything we need, but in the end, we don´t use it at all. Or else buying something super cheap but is not what we need.

The realness is that there is not a particular computer to work from home, the question is what you need for what you do for work.


For example, if you are a kind person who works with different apps that are big and heavy, you might need a computer with more power than someone who does not have them.

Now after the above, I will tell you what you need to know about a laptop before you buy it.


7 Points to consider before purchasing a Laptop

1 – Brand
2 – OS (Operating system)
3 – Size and Weight
4 – Processor
5 – RAM (random access memory)
6 – Storage Drive
7 – Other features



When we start thinking about computer brands the first name that comes to our mind is the most popular at the time without thinking we could find other brands in the market with the same or better quality for less money.

I am not saying we should not buy the most popular brand or not get an expensive one; I ´m only saying there are many choices out there for each one, but we have to look for them.

My recommendation, search which are the best brands for the year, according to the experts. I mean, the ranking of the most used brands at the moment, so it will be easier to make the decision according to the critics.


Top Five in 2016*

1.- Apple. In the last five years, it has been in the first place as the best laptop brand.

2.- Dell. The second place the last two years, being before in the 5th.

3.- Asus.
A significant change in this brand, jumping from the seventh place last year to the 3rd this year.

4.- Lenovo.
  After dropping from second to fifth place in 2015, this year was ranked in fourth place.

5.- MSI. 
This year it fell from fourth to fifth place.

If you are asking yourself where the other brands are, here they are:

HP dropped from third to sixth

Microsoft is in the seventh position

Ace jumped from ninth to eighth

Samsung fell from fifth to ninth

Toshiba was in the last place dropping from eighth to tenth

* The evaluation was based on reviews, tech support, design, warranty, software, innovation, value, and selection.


Operating System (OS)

Windows OS. The most flexible operating system as we can find it in many brands and models, unlike the other two OS.

The Windows notebooks can go from a couple of hundred dollars with a variety of features as they can function as a laptop and tablet.

Apple OS X. All MacBooks come with Apple´s own operating system, Mac OS X El Capitan. This operating system has a similar function as window 10 with the difference OS X is not made for touch because it doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Chrome OS. For a Chromebook, not expensive Lenovo 100s works. It has a Google system that is simple and safe but limited.


The user interface looks a lot like windows, but the main app is the Chrome browser.

It has some apps downside, but not always work well. But if you only need the laptop to check email, navigate social media and chat online it is a good option because of the price and the battery.


Size and Weight

These features are crucial in case we want to go anywhere with our laptop. Having a light and small laptop is helpful to travel even working from a coffee place if we are looking for a break from home.


The size of the Laptop is related to the screen size; thus I classify them by its screen sizes.

11-12 Inches. The smallest laptop in the market weighing only 2.5-3.5 pounds. It is perfect going anywhere with it, but its small screen makes it uncomfortable after working a couple of hours.

13-14 inch. It is great to carry it everywhere too. It weighs around 4 pounds. Described as the perfect balance between portability and usability.

15-16 inch. It is the most popular and preferred because of its right size to work, even using it as a TV if you want to watch your movies or tv shows. You should consider buying it if you do not plan to travel often.

17-18 inch. Definitely, only if you´re planning to leave it on your desk.



First of all, what is a processor? It is pretty easy to understand; the processor is the brain of the computer, this is what determines the complexity of software you can run and how fast your programs will run.    


These are some of the processors you can find.

Intel Core i3/i5. The best combination of price and performance

Intel Core i7. Excellent for gaming rings and workstations  

Intel Pentium and Celeron. We can find them on low-cost laptops. They have a very good performance of simple tasks such as web surfing and document editing.

Intel Atom. The same as Celeron with the difference you can also find it on laptops 2- in – 1 and the battery has a little more life.




RAM (random access memory)

It is a place of the computer where the operating system, application programs, and data in current use are kept. This way they are reached quickly by the computer´s processor.

We can get a computer with 2, 4 and 8 GB of RAM. The ideal is to have at least 4 GB on your computer.


Storage drive (Hard drive)

A hard drive is where all our data is stored, as our files and folders. Then, if we do not have a lot of data to store because our work doesn´t require it, we can buy a laptop with a solid-state drive (SSD) which makes the computer three times speed.


Other features

2-in-1. Some laptops offer this option, where we can use it as a laptop and as a tablet at the same time, removing the keyboard from the screen or folding it 360 degrees.

 Retina display. It is an Apple feature which means more pixels packed tightly together being imperceptible to the human eye at a distance of 12 inches. As a result, we have everything crisper on our screen.

Congratulations! I think you are ready to get your new laptop. Enjoy it.


Did you find this article helpful? Leave me a comment, tell me what you think. I will be happy to read them. 

9 thoughts on “How to choose a laptop”

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Anne,

    Excellent advice and I often wonder which laptop to go for as there are so many to choose from and of course so many options also relating to memory, size, speed.

    Worth considering is video or graphics memory as that is processed first and can take up a large chunk of RAM if you have too little graphic memory. Larger memory for graphics is required if editing video or photos a lot.

    1. Hi Derek,

      I totally agree with you. The graphic memory is another good point to consider whether in our job or tasksare involved videos or photos.

      Thank you for your comment which is very helpful.

  2. I wish I would have read this article before I bought my computer… It is an HP computer and I am not completely happy with it… Now, I am reading they dropped from the third yo the sixth place and it totally makes sense to me ?. Thank you for explaining in such an easy way to understand… First time is clear to me the difference between OS, RAM, Processor and RAM ??

    1. Hi Barbara,
      I totally understand how you feel about your laptop because I had the same feeling when I read that Toshiba is in the 10th place 🙁 (I have a Toshiba).Anyway I am glad this article helps you understanding all the big concepts of a computer so I am sure you will do better next time you choose a new laptop.


  3. I am tired of working on my desktop computer. I need a laptop that I can use all around the house. I do not want to be tied down to one room of the house. So your post was quite helpful finding me the right laptop for me.

    I prefer a Windows computer. As I won’t be using it for gaming I feel I will go with the cheaper option. I will check out your link and see what one I will buy. Thank you.

  4. When I decided to buy a laptop honestly I had no idea what to buy, thank God my brother knows about computers and he recommended me an Asus, which was an excellent purchase, because I have already more than 4 years with the computer and it hasn´t cause me any problem.
    I definitely recommend it!

    1. Hi Sara, thank you so much for your comment and I am happy you are enjoying your Asus Laptop.
      Just to let you know the next time you look to buy a laptop and want some tips how to pick the right laptop, you can visit my Blog and read the post “Laptops for working from home, how to choose?” It is not necessarily Laptops to work from home; It is more about what we should look on a laptop before buying it. I am sure it could help you with that difficult decision.
      Have a great day!

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