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How to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 04:05 pm

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Do you consider yourself being a Movie Fan? Or better than that, do you love watching movie premieres? If so, you might want to know How to Get Paid to Watch Movies. Yes, just as you read it, I’m not joking! It’s true when I say you can get paid for watching movies at the movie theater and I will tell you how 🙂 

I know it’s a little crazy to believe that somebody will pay you for going to the movie theater but no it is not. Let me explain to you why this is it.



Film studios want to know the kind of audience that goes to watch their movies. So, they will know what the movie fans like and what they don’t. As well they learn the type of audience attends to each genre of film. All this for a simple reason, knowing if they are doing well or not with their movies and what they may do to improve it. Sounds logical, right?

Knowing if they are doing well or not with their movies they will know what to change to improve it. Sounds reasonable, right?

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Other things they want to know is how many people attend to the premiers, and the first weekend then they can estimate how much money the movie made.


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So, would you like working for film studios?

Not exactly, rather the movie studios hire a company who is in charge of hiring a third party for this job. Yes, you imagine it right, the third party is you! 😉

Then, after understanding who would be hiring you let’s pass to the part where you’ll learn how you may get this job opportunity.

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How to Get Paid to Watch Movies?

As I said before, you get this job through a company, more specific from a marketing company.

First of all, before applying to any marketing company, you have to know that the title of this job is Theatre Checker or Certified Field Associate depending on the enterprise. Another thing you need to know is that if the company hires you, you will not be its employee rather; You will work for them as an independent contractor.

Before mentioning the companies in which you may apply for the job, I’ll tell you the different assignments you would be performing as a Theatre Checker of course if you accept the assignment. 

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Assignments for Theatre Checkers

1. Trailer Checks- Your task will be to record the previews shown before the assigned movie. All recordings always with prior authorization by the theater.

2. Open Checks- You will be counting the patrons attending the showtimes of the designated feature; you will also collect box office information at the end of the day. 

3. Blind Checks- Undercover, you’ll count all the attendings in the showtimes of the assigned feature on the designated day. 

4. Advertisement Checks- Record all advertisement shown before the feature.

5. Sneak Checks- Watch a sneak preview of an upcoming release. 

6. Comprehensive Checks- Collecting a variety of information on new releases as patron counts, ticket prices, sound, and visual quality, trailers and others.

Companies Willing To Pay You For Watching Movies At The Cinema


1. Marketforce

2. VeriTES

3. Checker Patrol


Applying for any of these companies is easy, you will only need to fill a form with your information and accept the agreement as an independent contractor.


How Much Can You Get Paid For Watching Movies?

It’s a bit hard to say as this varies depending on the task assigned. But the payment can be on a per screen basis or a flat rate. But to mention an amount the estimated average is $10-20 per hour according to my research.


Is it everything clear on How to Get Paid to Watch Movies? Would you like to be a Theater Checker? If you have questions please leave me a comment below. I will happy to help.


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Good luck and see ya soon!




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  • Dom

    Hey Darmendra,

    I enjoyed reading this article. I never would’ve guessed that you could make money this way.

    I was wondering if the jobs were like a 9 to 5 where you have to clock in and out and follow a dress code, etc.

    It would be awesome to get paid for watching movies for sure.

    The sneak check would be my favorite position, the ability to get an exclusive look at an upcoming movie? Count me in.

    • Darmendra Singh

      Hi Dom,
      I am so glad you liked it. And to your question, if you have to dress in some way or follow certain hours the answer is, no! You’re free to decide when and how to work.You only have to fulfill the task assigned to be paid.

      Good luck if you decide to apply 🙂


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