Make extra Money Recycling

How to Make Money Recycling

How to Make Money Recycling

Do you know How to Make Money Recycling? Maybe you’ve heard some people make money selling the recyclable trash, but you probably haven’t considered doing it for different reasons.

Well, my mission today is to change your mind for some compelling reasons, and one of them is to make money.

How to Make Money Recycling




Before telling you  How to Make Money Recycling, I want to explain why we all should recycle our trash.




1. The main reason, improving our environment

According to a study conducted by the University of Yale reported that in 2013 landfills received 294 million tons of waste. With 316 million inhabitants in the United States, 1,871 pounds of waste per person in the year (5 lbs. per day).

For giving us a better idea, imagine a football field with the end zones, and we buried it with the trash produced in a year, that hole would be 100 miles deep! Too much, right? 🙁


2. Earn Money

By selling your recyclable garbage at the recycling centers, you will be able to make over $200 a year, or more! Depending on the amount of recyclable trash you generate in your home.



1. Separate your trash

Kind of trash we can sell at recycling centers
-All Plastic Bottles such as water bottle, juice, mineral water, carbonated drinks among others.
– Glass Bottles, like beer and other alcoholic beverages like “Coolers.”
– Aluminum Cans of carbonated and alcoholic beverages.


2. Identify the recycling centers near you

I can almost assure you every city in the world has at least one center where you could sell the aluminum cans, glass, and plastic bottles. Find one by searching recycling centers near you on the internet.



If you are concerned about the mess with the bottles and cans, no worries, you can put them in containers as we do.

We use three containers, one for each kind of recyclable material such as plastic bottles, glass, and aluminum cans. Once they are full, I transfer them to trash bags. And I make sure they are enough to go to the center.

Finally, I go to the recycling center every two months due my family is small, so we do not generate as much trash.

These are the bins we use, and we got them on Amazon for a great price!


Recycle bins

How I decided to Make Money Recycling my trash

When I moved to California, I didn’t have the culture of separating trash. It was here that I learned to do it and of its impact on our environment.

After a year recycling our trash, my husband and I realized how many plastic bottles were putting into our recycle bin. So it was at that moment that we asked ourselves how much money we could make by selling our recyclable trash. 

However, we didn’t do it until our son was born; with the idea that every penny earned would go to a saving account for our son.

To this day we continue to carry out this task, but once our son is old enough, he will take the responsibility. Our intention is to teach him the value of money and work.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post besides of considering recycling. Finally, don’t forget to leave me a comment I would like to know your opinion. 

One last thing, please share with friends and family How to Make Money Recycling perhaps they may be interested.


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See ya!



4 thoughts on “How to Make Money Recycling”

  1. A football field 100 miles deep in trash! That’s just out of control! Great way to teach responsibility and money to your kid. I’m impressed. You’re right though, it isn’t about the money, the environment instead. I’m blown away by those staggering numbers. Recycling needs to be a requirement. The people need to come together and protect the future of this ground. Good info!

    1. Darmendra Singh

      Pretty bad numbers, right? I think if more people are aware of how much trash we produce more people would try to do something about it. Thanks for your comments and I am happy you liked this post. 



  2. In our community we do have a separate recycling bin that the garbage service picks up so we have gotten into the habit of separating out the plastics, papers, and cans for recycling. I do not like the idea of storing these for a month or two and then making a trip to the recycling center but for some people this would not be a big deal and provide them with an extra income stream. I think it’s great that you will give your son this job when he’s older. It’ll teach him a great lesson!

    1. Darmendra Singh

      Thanks Jen, I know this is not an activity for everybody, but it works for others that may need that extra money. For us is more about teaching our son about responsibility and work.



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