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How to Earn Money Typing Online for GoTrascript

Do you want to learn how to make money typing and how you can start in the business? Great, since in this post you’re going to learn how you can make money working in the transcription world.

But what do I mean by “the transcription world”? It’s simple; I am referring to the transcription jobs.

Before telling you how you could start this job let me give you some of the reasons why transcribing is an excellent opportunity to make money.

1. It is a legitimate job to earn money online.

2. You can work from anywhere since you only need a computer connected to the internet.

3. Flexible schedule. Most of the transcription companies offer you to work on your own schedule. So, you decide if you do it in your spare time or any other hours that are convenient for you.

4. There are thousands of companies offering transcription jobs because every day there’s more demand for this service. So you will always have a transcription to do, which means money :).

5. Once you enter into this field, you can make a career in this business by taking courses that the same companies offer. Once you have the experience and recognition from clients, your earnings are higher.

6. Last one and my favorite, this is the perfect job for stay-at-home moms! Yes, due to the flexible schedule is perfect to do it while kids are at the school or sleeping 🙂

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Okay, once having said the above, let’s move on to the most important topic you’ve been waiting for: how to make money typing for GoTranscript?

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How to Make Money Typing at GoTranscript

First of all, you must be asking why GoTranscript if I previously said there are many companies where you may work as a transcriptionist. Well, there are Six good reasons to want to do it for GoTranscript which I list below.

1. One of the main reasons to want to work at GoTranscript is that it is a global company. If you live outside of the USA and want to make money typing, GoTranscript is your best option. No matter what part of the world you live in, you may become a transcriber in this company.

2. If you do not have experience as a transcriptionist, this is another reason you would want to start your career in this company since experience is not required to apply. You just need to have good English skills.

3. Another reason why you want to consider GoTranscript is that while other companies ask to type at a certain speed, GoTranscript doesn’t. This company gives you around 6 hours to transcribe a 10 minutes audio/video which is enough time to do it even if your typing is not very fast.

4. Most of the companies that offer transcription jobs have flexible schedule to work, and GoTranscript is not the exception, so you are the one who decides when and how many hours you want to work. Excellent if you have another work or kids at home. 

5. Get Paid Weekly. Great because not all the companies pay weekly, some of them do it biweekly or even worse, monthly! Not good when you really need money fast, right? By the way, your payment is made via PayPal or Payoneer.

6. Variety of jobs. Very convenient because this way it’s difficult you get bored of doing the same job. Today you could be transcribing a group transcription and the next day some research textbook.

7. Excellent opportunity to grow professionally since every time the editor reviews your work gives you a rating which if it’s good you could become an editor and thus earn more money.


What Tools Do You Need to Work?

1.- A Computer either a desktop computer or a laptop.

2.- Internet access.

3.-  You need a pair of good quality headphones that may improve your work when you are listening to your audios; this does not mean they have to be very expensive just make sure they are comfortable and do not hurt your ears after using them for a while. Another feature you will want to have on your headphones is sound isolation making it easier to understand the audios.

If you think a little bit, a lot of the time trying to type is consumed in pausing and playing the audio or video over and over again to understand clearly; however, a foot pedal may help you to do it faster since the foot pedal allows you to control the audio playback.

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What Do You Need to Apply?

First, you have to do the Test Job using their guidelines, which you will have access to them previously. The test is a 12 questions quiz, and you must have 100% correct to go to the next step of the test which is to transcribe a video. If you pass, you will receive by email the instructions to start working on transcriptions.

What happens if you fail the test job? You can try it again in a few days, probably this time you will do it better since you already know what to expect. 😉

Are you interested? You can apply here!


How Much Money Can You Make Typing From Home?

You may make as much you want to work, but the average is around $150 per month but if you do more work than the average and take it more like a real job you may earn up to $1215. But it does not stop there since the most you work the more experience you get and better at what you do which will help you to become an editor meaning more money.

Visit the website to convince yourself this is a great opportunity to make extra money.

Do you want more ideas for transcription jobs? Visit my blog post Transcription Jobs to Work from Home where you will find 9 companies where you can work as a transcriptionist and Transcriptionist Jobs for Newbies.

What do you think about how to make money typing? Do you think this is the kind of job you wanna do while you are at home as a mom or as a second job? If you have other ideas about how to make money typing let me a comment I will be happy to read it.


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25 thoughts on “How to Make Money Typing”

  1. This is something that really interests me. I have been thinking about taking online jobs like as Virtual Assistant, Transcriptionist or any freelance jobs.

    Since I am in the medical field, somebody suggested I should try to work as a medical transcriptionist. However, I am not sure how to go about it.

    But reading your post about GoTranscript, I think I will give it a shot. Hopefully I will pass the test. Do you have any tips on how I can have a better chance of passing it? What kind of preparations should I be doing before taking the test?

    1. Darmendra Singh

      Hi Alice, 

      I am glad my article is helpful and might help you find a way to make extra money.

      As for your question on how you could have more chances to pass the examen what I found during my research is that you should not have any problem if you study the guidelines and have them next to you during the exam. I took a look at the exam, and in my opinion, it doesn’t look difficult if you use the guidelines.
      On the other hand, I would suggest using headphones with isolate sound features for the video test, that way you will not have any problem listening to the audio.

      I hope these answers help you to have a perfect score 🙂

      Good luck Alice!


    1. No, it is totally free. After you pass the test what you will need to do is sign in to GoTranscript website with the same email address you use to send your test and that’s it; after that you will receive instructions to start working on transcription jobs.

  2. Hi there, read through your article really interested me… Is it possible for someone from another country outside US to participate?… thanks

    1. Hey there,
      First of all, thanks for reading this article; it makes me happy to know you found it interesting.

      About your question, the answer is yes. GoTranscript is a transcription company looking for transcriptionists all around the world.
      If you would like to know more about it I would suggest you visit the website where you will find more info.


  3. Esperanzia Williams

    Hello, I find this quite interesting to me and something that will benefit me since I’m disabled and at home. Where do I go to apply?


    1. Go to the link “Gotranscript” you will find inside this post and it will take you directly to a page where there is a video with all details.

      Good luck!
      Wishing you a successful transcription career!


  4. Will definitely try Gotranscript and see if it’ll help me. Cos I’m skeptical if I will even get accepted. Thanks for the recommendation btw?

    1. Hi Tasmiya,

      You may want to check the article again specifically at the part where it says “what you need to apply” there you will find the Gotranscript application link. I hope, this helps.


  5. Hello sir.
    I have interest in this job . but i have question is there any typing speed requirement
    for this job .
    Let me know how can i apply for this jobs.

    Kulbir singh

  6. Hi Darmendra,

    I would like to say thanks for sharing this. But how can I go to the test? Could you pls share the test page link?


  7. Thanks for this!! The demand for transcription work to get done has really created more livelihood opportunities. Thanks for sharing how things would go with GoTranscript! I think it’d also be a huge help for transcriptionists to make use of transcription tools like izitext.io to help simplify the job! It’s a huuge hack

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