How to make money with Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs
and Which Ones are The Best for Newbies

Anyone who thinks to start an online business either a blog, website or online store, whatever this is, should consider learning how to make money with affiliate programs. Learning what an affiliate program is and how they work will give you the opportunity to make more money by using them in your online business.

What if I do not have a blog or any other online business. How Can I still make money with affiliate programs?

Yes! You can still make money with affiliate programs if you don’t have a blog, website or store in lines. Affiliate programs can also be used on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest among others.

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs

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Are you ready to discover how you can start making money with affiliate programs? Great! But before moving there let me answer 3 questions you could have right now

1.- Is it true and real you can make money with Affiliate Programs? Yes, affiliate programs are one of the legit ways to make money online.

2.- Can anyone make money with Affiliate programs? Yes! “anyone.” 

3.- Can you do this from home? Yes! from home or anywhere else.



What Exactly Are The Affiliate Programs?

It is a program used by many companies to promote their business and products. These programs pay a commission for every sale you make as a result of promoting them into your blog, websites or social networks. The commission varies according to the affiliate program you join. so, it is important to read very well the conditions, rules, and commission to earn when deciding to join any program.

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs and Joining Them

There are two ways of joining affiliate programs. One is going directly to the company or brand you want to promote. Look on their website for their affiliate program; if they do it you may find a link on their homepage.

Most of the companies have affiliate programs but they decide to do it through Affiliate Marketing Programs. Then, here is where the second option comes. Affiliate Marketing programs is a marketing company who manage many affiliate programs from different companies. This is my favorite option because you can be part of more than one affiliate program, by joining one marketing program. But sadly not all the time this works because your brand could be not part of it.

What do you need to join an affiliate marketing program?

It is very easy. You just need to find the product (business) you want to promote; then look if the company manage their own affiliate program or they do it through an affiliate marketing program. Once you find out where is the affiliate program sign up for it. Most of them are free.

Some programs may ask more requirements than others to accept you as its affiliate. But do not be discouraged, there are affiliate programs for everybody. Some of the requirements are having a Blog, Website or Social Media account with lots of followers. You don’t have any of these options. No worries! I can help you with that. Click here to learn how you may start a blog for free.


Still not sure you can make money with affiliate programs? It is real! People are making over $1000 per day, but it will all depend on you, on how much traffic you have on your platforms or website.


The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

There are many affiliate marketing program where you may find more the 1000 merchants to promote their products. As we mentioned above, some of the programs may not accept you if you are new to the business but there’re others accepting to almost anyone interested in affiliate programs.

Below I share with you The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

  • ShareASale
  • AWin
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Click Bank


All these affiliate marketing programs are global; so it no matter which part of the world you are, I bet you will find the brand you are looking for.

Other Affiliate Programs you might want to look are Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Mavea.


In conclusion

If you’re really looking for a way to make money online I invite you to learn more about how to make money with affiliate programs since this is one of the most reliable ways to make money online.


What do you think of this article? Did you learn How to make money with affiliate programs? Please, give me a comment. One more thing, If you think this is useful please share it! Remeber, sharing is caring 🙂


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4 thoughts on “How to make money with Affiliate Programs”

  1. I think this article is very helpful for very beginner. As we not even know how to start ablog without selling experienced. Thank you so much for your helpful information.

    1. Hi Lina, you’re welcome. I’m so glad you think this post is helpful and I hope you decide to use some of this affiliate programs to monetize your blog.


  2. Hi Darmendra,
    I read your posts and no doubt you have an amazing blog that helped me with some stuff too. However if you don’t mind I would like to discuss a little bit further on monetizing methods too. Actually, I am a young blogger, started around a year and a half ago cause I wanted to write on stuff. The only monetizing methods I accepted was Adsense which kept me going but it is simply not cutting with the quality/effort I am putting in. However, I have built a nice traffic and strong following which is the reason I want to integrate with the affiliate market now and start monetizing further than google ads.
    The thing is I have no insight on any program that can help me out with multi-niche products and accept me as new comer in the market. My current platform is WordPress so according to my rookie research, I’ll be needing CMS tools too I guess. I have been searching and came across a few programs like revglue which it sounds good and work for UK bloggers which is my case. Let me know what you think about this affiliate program.

    1. Hello,

      To be honest I am not familiar with any kind of CMS tools as you mentioned above. But if what you are looking for is an affiliate program that gives you a wide variety of products that can apply in any kind of blog, then, you might want to try Amazon affiliate. This affiliate program works for everyone since it’s a global affiliate program with many products to promote.
      I would dare to say Amazon Affiliate may fit in almost all blog niches. And the best part you do not need to do any extra or tools, just apply for the affiliate program.

      I hope this is helpful.

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