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How to Save Money with Groupon at Restaurants

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Last updated on September 21st, 2018 at 12:38 pm

How to Save Money with Groupon
at Your Favorite Restaurants

Have you ever heard about Groupon? If you’ve never or perhaps you did but never tried because you did not have any idea of what this about is and how it works. No worries, today I will tell you what this about is and how to save money with Groupon eating at your favorite restaurants. 

Let’s start by explaining what Groupon is. 

How to Save Money with Groupon eating at restaurants. Click through to know what Groupon is and how you can use it to save money on your restaurants bills.

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Groupon is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace founded in Chicago in 2008. The website connects its subscribers with local merchants by offering its different services like activities, travel, products, restaurants, spas among many others at a lower price. The idea is helping retailers to make themselves known in their neighborhood through the website resulting in more sales for them, but at the same time, helps subscribers to save money by buying the service or product through this site.

To have an idea of its success, on 2010 was available in more than 150 cities in North America and 100 around Europe, Asia, and South America. Currently, it is in more than 500 cities around the world in more than 28 countries.

How to Save Money with Groupon Eating At  Restaurants

Okay before you know how you can save a few dollars eating in restaurants I want to tell you why you must subscribe to Groupon. 

If you think I am going to mention many reasons to do it you’re wrong, there is only one but a strong one and is that all the offers here are exclusive for the subscribers, and it’s completely free to sign up! Did I get your attention now? Good! Sign Up here


After Signing Up what next

If you already subscribed now I will tell you what to do next, but in case you did not just take some seconds to check the site and see what you can be missing. Below, I am showing you how the site looks like and where you have to go to sign up.

How to Save Money Using Groupon Eating at Restaurants. Learn how Groupon work and may make you save a lot of money.

After you registered Groupon will ask you to allow your location, and you have to accept, so this way the site will show you all the offers and promotions where you are.

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But How Does It Work in Restaurants?

Well, when you go to the option Food & Drinks you will be able to see all the Groupon deals on restaurants, bars, and every place who sell food and drinks near you. But let me give you some examples. 

The first example is the one on the picture below. You see a Chuck E. Cheese – 50% off. The promotion is for a $10 Gift Card you are only paying $5.00! Cool, right?


Discover in this post why Groupon is the best way to save money on your restaurant bills.


Not sure how you will get the gift card and how to use it. Simple, you receive an email with the purchased promotion which you have to present in the restaurant, in this case, at Chuck E. Cheese. And That’s it; you saved $5.00 by using Groupon 🙂

Did you not like the Chuck E. Cheese example? Okay, let’s do a different one. Here is the promotion.

The next example is a famous Italian Restaurant around here. The offer is once again 50% off since you get a $20 voucher to spend in the restaurant, but you only pay $10 for it. Isn’t it great? I would say yes!

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One more example, do you like pizza? You can use Groupon to buy your favorite pizza. The following example is a pizzeria that offers its large pizza with one topping for $16.00 using Groupon which regular price is $ 25.60. Or you can get a meal package worth $92.28 for just $59.00.


Best Restaurant Deals at Groupon.


Besides the promotions above, you can also get up to %30 Cash Back in many restaurants.

Then, what’re you waiting to subscribe? To be honest I have not found a better application to save on restaurants so far. Subscribe me now

I hope you liked this article and really consider using Groupon as it is very easy, it costs you nothing, you save money, and you enjoy your favorite restaurants 🙂

One more thing, do not forget to leave your comments; tell me what you think or if you already use Groupon. Perhaps you want to share how you save money through this application.


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If you are looking to save money by eating out then you should read this article to learn how to save money on your restaurant bills.  Looking for more frugal living ideas? Here is how you can save money using groupon at restaurants. Learn more clicking this post.


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  • kathy

    Wow! I never really understood groupon before, but I do now. I am a full pledged couponer. Example: my first big haul was at Kroger. Before coupons, my total was 469.18. After applying all my coupons, I left out of there spending a total of 159.00.

    With that being said, thank you for your post. I am definitely signing up and will be using groupon often.

  • freddy

    Hello Darmendra

    Firstly I would like to say thank you some much for this review about how to save money, save money it will. I cant believe I have not heard of groupon before.
    I go out with the family a lot to restaurants every week, I already know that this is going to save me so much money. It is crazy how much you can save with this. I have book marked your page and look forward to reading more. Its about making smart choices and you certainly offer plenty of those 🙂

    • Darmendra Singh

      You’re welcome Freddy, I’m really happy to help you save money;) and thanks for considering my site useful for money-saving tips, I really appreciate it.

      Have fun using Groupon and hope you save lots of money;)


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