Make Money Selling Online your Old Electronics.

How to Sell Electronics Online

How to Sell Electronics Online for Cash

Maybe you know you can make money by selling your unused electronics, right? But do you know how to sell electronics online?

Well if you do not know how but you’re considering selling your unwanted Techs, here you will find two of my favorite places to do it.

Because continually the technology is changing is that we are always buying the newest electronics on the market. A reason why we have many electronic devices at home unused and still in excellent condition, especially cell phones and consoles. Am I wrong?

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If this is your case, do not feel embarrassed, you, me, almost everybody does it because the technology is advancing so fast that we have to do it with it. This is something we can not change but what we can change is what we do with our unused electronics.

Why instead of leaving our items sitting at home we do not sell it? I think it is an excellent idea as also a perfect way to make extra money 😉

Well if you are interested in knowing where and how to sell electronics let me start by mentioning that the best way to do it isOnline! Why? Because it is easy, fast and you do not have to leave your home!

Below you will find what my favorite sites are and how they work.

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How to Sell Electronics Online?

There are many places to sell your electronic devices, but not all sites would accept what you are trying to sell or pay enough for your article. So, I recommend before selling your product check with different websites how much they offer and their conditions.

The reason I mention the two sites below is that in my opinion, they are one of the best places to make your sale based on my own experience.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a site where besides selling your electronic devices you may also sell books, CD’s, DVD and others. This site is very easy you just have to select the product you want to sell and its conditions, and in seconds you have a price. You may get over $200 for an iPhone!

Another thing I like about Decluttr is there’s no fee for selling your Tech, and the shipping is free! Once they receive your item, you get paid the next day Via PayPal or Check.


How to sell electronics online

2. Amazon Trade-In

If you thought you could only buy products on Amazon let me tell you are wrong, you may also sell almost any product you could imagine.

Yes, you read it right, Amazon has a section called Trade-In where you could sell your Tech or any other item you do not want anymore.

On Amazon Trade-In is also easy to sell your electronics. You just have to create a Trade-In account; then enter all your desired items to sell and get a price. And that’s it if you accept the offer Amazon pays the shipment.

And lastly, once they received your device or any other item, the payment is through an Amazon Gift card. I know it’s not cash, but honestly, what you can not buy on Amazon! 😉

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Are you ready to sell your electronics online? I hope this article has been to your liking and helpful. Do not forget to leave me your comments that I am always happy to read them.


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