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Selling Your Stuff Online

Today, as we always do, we will talk about how to make money from home. That’s why I will tell you How to Sell Stuff Online. But What do I mean when I say selling Stuff online? I mean selling things you no longer want, old items that you don’t use anymore, and are sitting somewhere in the house.


But you do not know what exactly to sell, no worries, let me help by asking you two questions. Have you noticed that one of the closets in your house is full of things you don’t use or need anymore? Or what about the garage that is full of electronics devices, and other things, that anyone can’t walk there. If any of these situations is your case, then my friend, I think you should consider getting rid of them, and what better than selling them for extra money!


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How To Sell Stuff Online

If you’re still not sure what to get rid of because you think you may need them later, let me share with you what I learned about it recently.

I read in an article that any item we did not use in the last 18 months, it would hardly be used again. But, before telling you How to Sell Your Stuff Online I give you some tips to choose the items you are going to sell.


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The first thing you must do is going to those nooks and crannies of the house where you store everything you no longer use such as furniture, electronic devices, frames, lamps, crockery, kitchen utensils, everything you do not use and want to get rid of them.


Once you have decided what to sell, check in detail the conditions of each item, so you can have an idea of how much to ask. But they not necessarily have to be in perfect conditions since many people buy things with imperfections without any problem.


Once you selected the stuff to sell on the internet, try to clean them so that they will look better. Put them in a place where there is a good light for taking photos from different angles, this way people will know what they are buying.

Check the pictures, and if you like them, now it is time to select the site where to sell your stuff.


Are you ready to know How to Sell Stuff Online?

Okay, these are some of the most popular sites to sell stuff online that many people are using.


1.- Facebook  

This is one of my favorite places to sell stuff because it is easy, fast and there are no fees for using it. There are two ways to sell your used stuff. The first one is through its Marketplace feature, and the second way is by joining a group where anyone can sell and buy things. I prefer the last one because to be part of the group the owner of the group has to approve you before you can do anything there, which makes it safer for both the seller and the buyer.



2.- eBay

 how to sell stuff onlineIt is one of the favorite places for many people for selling or buying things online because of the large number of users who use it every day. The only difference comparing with Marketplace Facebook is that on eBay there is a fee for listing your items, $ 0.30 per item plus 10% of the price of the item sold.

But if you have good items to sell at a good price I think this is the best option since eBay users are willing to pay a little more if your item is worth it.


 3.- Bonanza

It’s another website where to sell good stuff and antiques. Like on eBay in Bonanza you have to pay a fee for listing your items but a little cheaper as well the commission which is only 3.5% for each item sold under $500.


how to sell stuff online


4.- Craigslist

A popular website for more than 20 years where anyone can sell and buy any articles.

The problem with Craigslist is that for a while have been some reports of thefts and scams from alleged buyers. So, I would recommend following the below tips if you want to use it. 

1. Try to sell your item locally, this way you can meet in person with the buyer.
2. Do the transaction in a public place where there are security guards such as shopping malls or supermarkets.
3.- Never go alone, preferably accompanied.
4. Avoid bringing a significant amount of cash with you so as not to attract assailants. 


5.- VarageSale

It is a trustworthy website where you buy or sell used or new stuff within your neighborhood. Everyone who wants to use this site has to be approved first by the owner for users’ safety. There are no commissions or fees for your sales.


Hoe to sell stuff online


6.- Sell locally through Free Mobile Apps


How to sell stuff online


What do you think? Are you ready to look in your closets and see what it is time to rid? You do not have to do all in one day, take your time. Perhaps you can ask your husband or a friend to take care of the kids that way you will have a chance to work on this.


Do not forget to share How to Sell  Stuff Online post with your friends; perhaps they will want to try it.

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One more thing, leave me your comments. Let me know what you would like to sell. 


Have a good sale!


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  1. Its great to know that there are plenty of places online where you can sell old and unwanted items. I’ve heard of people who actually make a living from selling stuff on auction sites such as eBay.

    But selling stuff online can be pretty scary due to the rise of scams. Anyway, you did a great job explaining about the various platforms that we can use to buy and sell stuff.

    Great article!

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