How to Start a Blog for Free

How to Start a Blog Free and Make Money

 How to Start a Blog Free
and Make Money with it

It is a new year, and I am sure you already have so many projects for the year. Perhaps one of those projects is starting your own blog, am I right? Well, I am glad you stop by because here you’ll learn How to Start a Blog Free and Make Money. 

First of all, let me make you a question, do you know what exactly a blog is? The reason I ask is that when I started my blog, I thought it was only wringing about something but I was so wrong.


What You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

So, What exactly is a blog and how can you make money with it? A blog is like any other personal journal where you can talk about anything you want, either your own life or any different topic that interests you. The only difference is that a blog can be read by anyone since you publish it on the internet.


Are you looking for help to start your a blog but do not have money to pay for it? Then, this post is for you because here I'll tell you how to start a free blog and make money with it. You will also know why wealthy affiliate is one of the best programs preferred by bloggers and digital marketers to learn about online marketing. Click through to see what this program offers you when signing up for free.

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But Blogging is not that simple as seems. It is not just seating in front of your computer and start typing, especially if you are considering earning money from your journal. To achieve this, you need the right tools to build your blog. As well, knowing some strategies to be on the first pages of the most popular search engines like google.

Perhaps you want to read my post How to Make Money with a Blog where you’ll learn what exactly a blog is and how it works.


How to Start a Blog Free and Make Money.

On these days there are many free website builders where you may start a blog free or any other website you want to create. Nevertheless the blog builder or better known as website builder is not the only tool you need for your blog.

You also need a hosting website which is the company who host the blog on a server. In short, the server makes your site can be seen on the internet; for which most of the time you will pay for this service. Besides, you’ll also need a domain that may be free or not depends on your hosting websites.

After reading that most of the time you’ll have to pay for a hosting website and the domain, you must be really excited about learning how to start a blog free and make money. Right?

Okay, as I said before, there are many website builders to start a blog for free, but only a few of them include the hosting website and a domain for your blog; and this is what you need to know 🙂

Before going to the name of the site that offers you all the package to start a blog free I want to mention I’m using affiliate links from this website; However, all my comments and suggestions are based on my own experience.


How to Start a Blog Free and Make Money Through Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate also called WA is the perfect place to start a blog if you don’t know how they work. And why is this? Because they have free courses on how to build a blog and how to achieve your goals. Something you do not get in other website builders.

Another reason for joining Wealthy Affiliate is their community, which is made it up by bloggers and entrepreneurs. This community is very helpful especially when you start as a blogger because like a newbie you may need help. Help that you always get here!


What Do You Get For Free At Wealthy Affiliate?

How to Start a Blog Free


  •  2 Free Websites to create via SiteRubix, as well as the hosting service with the same platform.
  •  2 Subdomains ( for your two free websites.
  • Becoming part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community where you receive help as much you need from other members.
  • More than 1000 free WordPress templates to create your blog or another type of website.
  • Beginner training course ( 10 lessons) on how to start an online business and understanding how to make money online.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training – Fase 1 (10 lessons)

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Very impressive, right? And better when I tell you that you only need to open a free account at WA to get this benefits. Oh, and guess what? No credit card required!

Wealthy Affiliate also has a premium account for which you have to pay for a membership and as you can imagine the benefits are more than those mentioned above. But do not worry that you are not forced to become a premium member later. You can stay as a starter member all the time you want without losing any of its benefits.

When you visit Wealthy Affiliate website for your registration you will see WA gives you the premium member benefits for seven days, so you can know what they offer to a premium member, but once again you can stay as a starter member if you decide it this way. 


If you still doubting about enrolling at WA, I’ll tell you two strong reasons that perhaps will encourage you to make a decision.


In conclusion, here are the reasons why you should consider to start your blog in WA.

First of all, you will not find other website builder platforms offering a step by step course to build your blog for free. The second reason is that WA is an excellent opportunity to see if you like being a blogger since you don’t pay any cent.



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What do you think about How to start a blog free and make money? Do you find it helpful? Let me know all your comments that I’ll be happy to read them. 


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Learn in this post how to start a blog for free and make money by blogging from home. Blogging is one of the most convincente and profitable job for stay at home moms. Click through to learn more .

Find out in this post How to Start a Blog Free and Make Money. This is the opportunity to create a blog and make an extra income as always you wanted. Work from home blogging is fun and very profitable.










How to start a profitable blog for free! Check out the course that every new blogger should take to start a profit blog.

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