Is Ebates a scam? | Review

What You Need to Know About Ebates To Save Money on Purchases


How many times have we asked ourselves if a program that says we get cashback for our purchases is a scam? I guess many times. Or to be more specific what you can say of Ebates, have you ever asked yourself if Ebates is a scam. 


If you have heard about Ebates before I am sure you did the question to yourself and I do not blame you because there are many programs out there offering money in an easy way that sounds too good to be true. 

Because of that reason you are here today, you want to know if Ebates is a scam or not if we should sign up if it is true we get cashback just for shopping through them, and finally, how does Ebates work? No worries, I will answer all those questions. 


No, Ebates is not a scam. It’s totally true.
Yes! You should Register Now so you don’t miss the opportunity to get money back when you shop.

Are you not convinced yet? I understand, but I have proof that this program works and I want to share them with you, after seeing them I bet you will want to sign up. 


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My Experience After I Signed Up on Ebates

After reading about Ebates on a Blog, I was curious to enroll because the Blog mentioned I was going to earn $10 just for sign up plus cashback every time I was shopping through Ebates. Very attractive, no?


Well, I did it after thinking that there was nothing to miss since it is free to enroll. And of course, I wanted the $10 they were offering 

So this is what happened, I registered on November 5, and I got my $10 but on a Pending Status until I made my first purchase.


 Ebates Cash Back Program


I know you do not like the idea of having to buy something to get the $10 bonus, but to be fair after all it is a business looking for more customers.

My first purchase was a pair of Converse for me on Black Friday for obvious reasons, better deals in the stores and double cashback for that day. And guess what? I got them for $34.97 on!


Converse bought them on through Ebates.


It was a great deal as many Online Stores such as Amazon, Zappos, DSW to mention some, the lowest price was $49.99.


How much Cash Back did I get from 

4% which was $4.20 and you can confirm it on the following image


Ebates the best Cash Back Reward Program


Cool, uh! I already made $14.20 on two simple steps. 

1.- Singing Up
2.- Make your first purchase and you’re done. You are ready to start enjoying all the big deals from Ebates.

Are you ready to enroll? Great! 


But, How does Ebates work?

It is very simple; they are part of affiliate programs, which means all the companies announced on Ebates pay a commission for each sale made.

They make money from commissions, but what you might want to know is that half of the commission is yours!

e.g. if a company pays 2% of the total of a purchase, Ebates gets 1%, and you get the other 1%. Yes, this is where the Cash Back comes from.


Stores where you can buy

You can buy on over 2000 stores online such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart, Beth, Bath and Beyond, Samsung, American Eagle, Target, and more.

You can buy anything for you, your family or friends. For example men’s, children’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes, home decor stuff, electronics, toys and more.


Other advantages besides the Cash Back Program

  • Best sales and deals from your favorites Online Stores that you do not find in the stores.
  • Save more with coupons and promo codes
  • Having the app you could know every day all the new deals available, so you do not miss any big sales!
  • Make $25 every time you invite a friend to after she makes a purchase.


How do you get your Cash Back from Ebates?

Every three months they will send you the cashback payment via Check, PayPal or send it to your favorite charity. 

Are you excited now?
What are you waiting for? Sign up now you won’t regret it.

Let me know if you sign up and how much you earned on your first purchase; I will be happy to know how you are doing on EBATES.


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See ya soon!

6 thoughts on “Is Ebates a scam? | Review”

  1. Thank you for your review of Ebates. I’ve never even heard of Ebates until I read you review. So with Ebates, do I have access to all of Amazon and Target’s product offerings? Or are the products offered through Ebates a limited subset of Amazon and Target products? Interestingly enough, I read your review and ended up signing up for Ebates. It looks pretty legit. They offer cash back from companies like Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Dick’s sporting goods. Some of their affiliates offer up to 8% cash back, which is wonderful. Thank you so much for your review. I’m going to start saving money through Ebates!

    1. Hi Marc,

      So glad you had found helpful this article. On the other hand regarding your question about if you have access to all the Amazon and Targets’s products offerings, the answer is YES! Just some products on Amazon do not give you cash back all the time like electronics, so I recommend you always check if the product that you are trying to buy is part of the cash back program, then you won’t be surprised if you do not see the money back.

      Welcome to Ebates, and I hope you get a lot of money back from your purchases.



  2. Great post. I always see Ebates commercial but never understood the concept or thought it would be possible to shop and get money back. You explained their business method so clearly companies pay a commission ebates gets half and I as the customer get the other half. I think I may be signing up for ebates today. Thanks.

  3. This sounds like a pretty cool program!
    I am assuming that you must make the purchase online, is that correct?
    As much stuff as we buy at Walmart this might be a really good way to save some money!
    Sounds like easy money and 25 bucks per sign up is not a bad deal either!
    Thanks for the review!


    1. Hi Shawn,

      No necessarily you have to make all your purchases online, there are some stores offering cash back when you buy in-store. What you have to do is add your credit card to your Ebates account and link it to the store where you want to purchase, and that offer the cash back program (you will find the option on your Ebates account). Then, when you do your purchase in-store pay with the same credit card linked to your Ebates account, and that’s it you will receive the cash back. Another thing Shawn, you earn $10 per sign up and $25 per each referral, only if they spend $25 on purchases.

      I hope I have cleared your doubts.


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