Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate scam or not? If you are looking for the answer I hope I can help with that. Today I will try to respond to this question by sharing with you my own experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Is Wealthy Affiliate scam or not? Check out this post to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate Program and what it can do for you.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam? 

Let’s go to the point right away because that’s what we want to know. So, Is Wealthy Affiliate scam or not? “No, WA is not a Scam.”

How can I assure you that it is not a scam? Well, my answer is based on my personal experience with WA since I am a member of WA for two years now. I hope after knowing this, you could consider my opinion as reliable because who could be in a program for so long if this was a Scam?

But if it’s hard for you to believe only on my word, maybe it will help if I tell you that over 580,000 members of WA from more than 195 countries also say that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

The Wealthy Affiliate program has ten years teaching millions of people around the world about Online Marketing and how to be successful.

Are you interested in knowing more about Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s How Wealthy Affiliate Works. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a community which offers all the necessary tools for building your business online including courses and personalized help from the founders Carson and Kyle; as well as many other experienced members.

WA guarantees that you will create a successful business because you get help from people with much experience in the online marketing business, at any time since WA is active 24/7. The average time to get help when you need it is only 1.8 minutes!

But, How much is the price?

What if I tell you that you can be part of Wealthy Affiliate without paying a dime? Yeah, just as you read it. WA has two ways to sing Up with them, once as a

The WA program has two kind of account members, once is 100% free and the second one as you can imagine you have to pay a monthly fee, but wait! Do not discourage yet; both are awesome, just give me some more minutes to explain to you with more details on each.   

The free account is called start account, and the other one premium account with a monthly Fee.


Starter Account

If you think that the free account is not okay and that probably is a trick for you to pay the other kind of account, you are wrong. The starter account gives some of the courses and tools to create your online business, plus two free websites to create, which is equal to two online business! Awesome, no?

As a starter member, you will have the opportunity of trying the premium member benefits for 7 days to know how amazing the program is. But once you complete the seven days, you will go back to your starter account if you do not want to switch to a premium member.

One more thing you might want to know, you do not need a Credit Card to Sign Up 🙂

Premium Account

It is simple, having the premium account you will have a lot more benefits for your online business. More benefits means, courses about the online marketing, live video classes, live help, 50 Websites to create any online business you want, among others. Only for $49.00 per month.

But if after trying the Premium Account you want to be part of premium members, as a promotion from WA you will get the first month for only $19.00.

They also have a promotion for the yearly membership for only $359.00 ($29.91 per month) in case you can pay that amount.

Bellow, you could see all the benefits from each.


Starter Member Vs Premium Member

Wealthy Affiliate Program, a perfect place to start you blog. Learn in this post what wealthy affiliate is and how it works.

My experience at Wealthy Affiliate

If you ask me for an honest advice on if you should sign up or not to Wealthy Affiliate, I would ask you first, how serious you are taking the idea of creating an online business.

Why? The reason is that to create a successful online business and earn the money that you are thinking, you will have to be disciplined and committed to your work just like in any other work.

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent program to take the online marketing seriously and be an expert on the business. The only thing you have to do is follow the training program, and you will achieve your goal.

About my experience with WA, the only thing I can say that it has been great until now. Every time I need help I received from the most kindness people at WA.

Finally, I want to mention Wealthy affiliate is called a community, and it is! It is a great family where everyone takes care of everyone and helps each other to achieve your goals.


Still doubting? Let’s recheck the following questions:

*Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam? No, it is not. It is entirely legit.

*Is Wealthy Affiliate a good program to build a successful business online? Absolutely! WA is the largest Internet Marketing community in the world. It is the #1 choice for people to create a successful business online.


Finally, if you have a Blog and you are struggling with it “You have to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance” they are incredibly helpful on business online.

How to have a successful blog! Learn in this post what wealthy affiliate is and how can help with your online business.


This is all for today but before leaving tell me what do you think. Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or not? Please let me know your opinion; perhaps you already have some experience with Wealthy Affiliate that would like to share with us.


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2 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?”

  1. Hello friend,
    From your review it is clear that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam but a real program designed to help people succeed with their ONLINE business.

    Why because if Wealthy affiliate were to be a scam they wouldn’t make available for everyone a FREE STARTER Membership. But from your review and your comparison table, I can see the Premium membership ha some advantages over the FREE Starter you mentioned.

    So my question is, which of the two will you recommend I start with.

    I will be happy to hear your reply . Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen thanks for your comment and about your question on what I would recommend for starting with WA do the starter account first if you do not have any idea about online marketing. The reason is that you do not need more than what you will get on the starter account to understand the marketing business but once you get it and you take the decision that this is what you want to do, definitely you will need to go for the premium membership. I hope my answer had been helpful.



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