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Lose Weight and Get Paid


Every day, most women (including me) want to lose weight for different reasons; For example, because we have an event and want to wear a beautiful dress, or unfortunately due to health problems, or just because we’ve decided to have a healthier life. Whatever the reason is it’s great as long as we do it responsibly without putting our health at risk.

And most of the time because we do not have the willpower or commitment to achieve it. Yeap, commitment to being disciplined with a diet and exercise routine. Well if this is the reason you have a hard time to lose weight, let me tell you there’s a solution for that.

Imagine that you may make money by losing the pounds you’ve desired so much? Don’t you think this would be an excellent incentive to be disciplined and achieve your goal? I would say yes 😉 and this is possible with the
healthy wage program.


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Lose Weight and Get Paid by Healthy Wage


Disclaimer: This post contains a referral link which means I may get a small commission with no extra cost to you if you sign up through my link. I only promote programs and products that I tried or trust them after I had made a deep research. For more info read my affiliate disclosure.


Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage is a company in 2009 in response an academic research at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania where they refer that weight loss programs can have better results if:

– Small cash rewards are offered by these kinds of programs

– People are more effective at losing weight and getting more active when their own money is at risk.

– The weight loss program has a significant role in Social Networks.


How Healthy Wage works

You can participate in three different ways for the weight loss challenge on this program:

  • Weight Loss Individual Challenge
  • Weight Loss Challenge for Teams
  • Competing in a corporate wellness program


Once you choose how you want to participate, you have to follow a few steps more to start the program that I mention below.

1. Set your pounds goal to lose.
2. Choose the number of months to lose those pounds
3. Make your bet. (thinking about your commitment to achieving it).

At the end of the time established for losing the weight, if you achieve the goal you receive the cash prize calculated in the beginning. You may earn up to $ 10,000.

Calculate your Prize!


At the same time, you are participating in the individual challenge you can also participate in other challenges like Team challenge or Jackpots Challenges which means more opportunities to earn more money.

The program is free and you can Sign-Up now to know more about the program and their rules. Even if you are not sure yet if you want to participate, just come to see what this is about, you do not need a Credit Card.


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Some things you might need to know before enrolling:

  • They do not give you any diet plan or exercise programs, but they do give you tips that may help to get your goal. So, you decide what method to use and when I say what method to use I am referring if you will follow a particular diet or some workout programs. Having a Bariatric Surgery during your participation in healthy wage is against the rules.
    My advice is to enroll in health programs that can help to achieve your goal such as:


WeightWatchers of which I have heard incredible stories of successBut, the program has a community where the competitors comment their stories and their achievements, being of great help to all the competitors to reach their goal.


– is a website that offers healthy meal plans to lose weight; this is very helpful when we do not have time to cook, or just we do not know what we should it. But I know sometimes this can be expensive but anyway they have different plans, so you do not lose anything to check the side. Unfortunately, this program is only for residents of USA, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Balance by BristroMD This site is very similar to BistroMD, but there is just one difference I found in Balance BistroMd and is that it has more variety of meal plans for people with different health issues such as diabetics and heart problem, high blood pressure among others. Unfortunately, the program only works in the United States.


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  • What if you do not reach the goal? Well, sadly you lose the money from your bet. So I would recommend enrolling in healthy wage only if you are 100% committed to losing the weight established; otherwise, you will be throwing your money.


  • Where is HealthyWage available? At the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America (including Mexico), Australia, and most of Europe and Asia.






Are you ready for the challenge? Calculate your Prize Here. 


Did you find this article helpful? Give me a comment, let me know what you think about HeathyWage program; I would love to know your opinion 🙂


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See ya!


6 thoughts on “Lose Weight and Get Paid”

  1. Joanne Hakaraia

    What a clever idea!
    Sometimes the end goal – i.e., weight loss, isn’t quite enough motivation but throwing money into the mix is a huge incentive, especially if you stand to lose money if you don’t succeed.
    I remember quite a few years back, I leased a treadmill and the company I leased it from ran a promotion where they would pay you a small sum per kilogram lost – that was a pretty good motivator!

    1. Hi Joanne, your story about the treadmill is pretty cool too so it is clear that things work better when there’s an an incentive on the table

  2. theceoinslippers

    HAHA, I literally sat here playing with the calculator for like 10 min because it was fun to see how much you could win. What a great idea to get motivated to lose weight. About 8 years ago me and my dad made a bet of one paycheck to the person who lost the most weight. It definitely motivated me because I needed to pay for a wedding. I lost 37 pounds and he lost 16. I won by a landslide. This is a great idea, thanks for writing about it. Definitely going in my favorites.

  3. What a wonderful idea. Money can motivate us big-time let’s face facts.

    There are many people out there who are wanting to lose weight but lack the motivation.

    Put the two together and there you go.

    I’m definitely going to take a closer look at HealthyWage.

    Those before and after shots are VERY impressive as are the amounts of money won !!

    A thought-provoking website.

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