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Ways to Make Extra Money as a College Student

5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money as a College Student

Are you in college and need to make extra money? Well, I have some good news for you due today I will share with you Five Easy Ways to Make Extra Money as a College Student.

Why are they are excellent opportunities for a college student? Because you will be able to do it on the weekends on your own schedule, so you won’t neglect school 🙂 But if you are not a college student and are looking for ways to make extra money without a real job, these ideas may also apply to you.

But if you are not a college student and are looking for ways to make extra money without a real job, these ideas may also apply to you. Anyone over 17 years old may do it.

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the five cool ways to make extra money as a college student.

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Five Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Student

1. Get Paid for Window Shopping

If you love going to the mall and window shopping, then Mystery Shoppers is for you. Don’t know about this? Well as the name says you will be an undercover buyer who evaluates customer service among other services. Then you fill a survey for a mystery shopper company, and that’s it, you may make up to $20 per task.

Do you want to know more? Check out the post Become a mystery shopper for extra cash where you may know how and where to apply.

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2. Earn Money for Testing Websites and Apps

Do you like surfing the internet? If the answer is yes, I guess you will like the idea of being paid for giving your opinion after navigating on different websites and Apps. It sounds fun, right? This is another opportunity to earn money if you do not have much time available for a real job since evaluating each site takes around 10 minutes, and you can make over $10 for each website or App assessed.

Do you want to apply? Go to my post Make money testing websites.

3. Make Money for Join Discussion Groups

If you are a person who likes participating in discussion groups, then you have to register to Product Report Card.

The product report card is a survey program where besides making money by filling surveys, you can participate in different discussion groups and earn up to $200 per discussion.

Check out my post Make Money with Product Report Card to know more.

4. Make Money Watching Movies at the Cinema

Do you consider yourself a Cinephile? Then, you should consider doing this activity. Because in addition to watching movies for free, you get paid for it!

Check out my post How to Get Paid for Watching Movies to learn more.

5. Make Money Teaching your Native Language Online

If you think you need a diploma or experience to teach your native language, well this is not totally true since every day more language students want to learn from people who speak the native language. That is why today there are many sites on the Internet where students pay people who speak the native language with the idea of learning more about their culture and slangs.

Check for the sites on my post How to Teach English Online.

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Well, this is all, I hope these five ways to make extra money as a college student are helpful to you. Do not forget to leave your comments or any question if you have any; I will be happy to help.

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Five excellent Ways to Make Extra Money as a College Student. Discover in this post how you can earn money on your spare time with mystery shopper jobs, watching movies, sharing your opinion and more. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Great post! I am not a college student anymore, but I have some family and friends who are in college that I will share these ideas with. I do wish I had looked into online opportunities for extra money while I was in college. Any extra money helps a lot when you’re in college.

    I’ve heard of each of the opportunities you’ve listed, but didn’t know much about them until reading your post. I especially like the last opportunity you listed. Teaching English online sounds like a fun opportunity to meet people from other cultures and help them understand my language and culture.

    Thank you for sharing.


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