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Online Marketing

How To Make Money with Online Marketing

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, as you prefer to call it. This way of making money from home is fun and also very profitable depending on how serious you take it. 

But what is Online Marketing? 

Well, Online Marketing is the activity of selling products on the web, either through a website, blog or social media. Easy, right?

Now that you know what Online Marketing is, would you like to learn how you can make money with it? Okay, stay comfy and keep reading 😉

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How to start the Online Marketing Business

1. You need a place where you’ll promote the products.

As I said before you can promote the products on your blog, website or Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Any social media where you have plenty of followers.

If you do not have a blog and you want to start one visit my post How to create your own blog where you may build your blog for FREE! 

How to make money with online marketing. Discover in this post how you can make money online doing online marketing. Online marketing is a legit way to make money from home that almost everybody can do it. Excellent for millennial moms

2. Sign Up for some affiliate programs where you will find thousands of products to start earning money.

There are many affiliate programs where you can sign up. Some of them are:

 1. Amazon Affiliate Program

2. Commission Junction

3. ShareASale

4. Awin.com

5. Clickbank


My recommendation is to register for two or three programs to see if you like them, if you don’t, you can always change to a different program.

If you want to know how the affiliate programs work and how you can make money with them, go to my post Becoming wealthy with affiliate programs. In this post, you will find the most popular affiliate programs on the internet.

3. After signing up for an affiliate program, look at the products you want to promote always according to the audience you want to reach.

For example, if you want to reach moms with babies and toddlers, you might want to promote products related to this audience such as baby clothes, toys, accessories and even clothes for moms after having their baby. You got it, right?

What’s Next?

Once you know the product you want to promote, join their affiliate program. But remember reading the program rules and their policies where you’ll also find the percentage of the commission.

After signing up for the affiliate program, you will receive an email if you’re accepted. Then, you get personalized links from the products, which you copy to your blog, website or social media. And that’s it, every time a person clicks on any of your links and makes a purchase you earn a commission!

I know what you’re thinking, “this sounds too easy to be true” but believe me, it is real! Online Marketing is a perfect way to make money from home; you just need to learn the strategies for success!    

Online Marketing Strategies

My recommendation is to take courses or tutorials where experts in online marketing teach you how you can get success in the marketing business. No worries! I am not saying you have to go to school to achieve it; you can do it online 😉 

You can find many programs online where we all can learn about Online Marketing or Digital Marketing. Although you don’t believe, there some good programs on the internet that you can take for free or just for a few dollars.

How do I know that? Well, when I started in this business, I did not have money to pay for an expensive program, so I looked for a while, and I found some good ones and for free. I tried two different programs that are worth mentioning, and I will share it with you.

Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is a community, where you find real people looking the same as you, “how to build your own business and make it successful.” People who work hard to achieve it, and always willing to help. 

Something I do like from Wealthy Affiliate is that you are part of the community.

The program is easy, and anyone can build his own business since the program takes you to step by step.

Two ways to be part of the community.

1.- Starter account.

The first thing you might want to know is that this account is Free, yeah!  You do not have to pay anything for signing up. And you do not need either a credit card. 

Starter Account Benefits: You may watch a short course of five modules that introduce you to online marketing. As well, you get two subdomains free for building two websites; then you may start right away from your business.

2.- Premium account.

Signing up as a Premium Member, you have to pay the membership which is $47.00 per month.  

Premium Account Benefits: Well,  you can join different classes and webinars to improve your business.  Besides, you may contact other members from WA, as well as the WA founders for any help you need.

But, if you’re not sure to become a premium member, you could try the Premium Account for free for seven days!

After trying the free trial, and you’re convinced that WA is a great place to take your business to success, sign up for the premium member, and you’ll receive 70% off on your first month.

Project Breakthrough

By the time you read this post, Project Breakthrough is not available anymore. But in case you find it on the internet I recommend you to try it. You may find useful tips on how to start a business on the Internet. Just don’t pay for it. The reason is that there are lots of complaints about its membership and commissions for promoting them. 

Did you enjoy this article? Please let me know your comments; I am always happy to read them. 

One more thing. Could you share this post? Perhaps you are helping a friend or family member to find a way to make an extra income.


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8 thoughts on “Online Marketing”

  1. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and the thing I love about it is the community spirit. We all help each other out whenever we can. The support is awesome. I also like the fact that there are no false promises of instance wealth. In fact there is no BS at all. The training is second to none and anyone looking to make money online should check it out.

    1. Hi, Margaret totally agrees about the community spirit. WA is definitely a great place to meet incredible people and learn from their experiences with the online marketing.



    2. Barbara Whitehead

      I agree Margaret and Darmendra, I have just recently joined and the support of the admin and community has been fantastic. I have learnt so much in such a short time.

  2. Hi Darmedra

    I must say that the concept of affiliate marketing is so unique, and yet so easy to implement, that I find it quite amazing that most people don’t even know about it.

    I must also say that I’ve been with project breakthrough and I didn’t pay a dime, that’s before it closed down.

    However project breakthrough still doesn’t compare to the amount of value wealthy affiliate offers. They have introduced the site speed function which makes your website load time blazing fast.

    This will work in the favor of affiliate marketers as prospect get impatient if a website takes a lot of time to load…this goes to show that wealthy affiliate is definitely the place to be, especially if you want to venture into affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi KhanyaKea93,

      You are right, all the tools offered by wealthy affiliate are invaluable reason why is hard to compare it with other Digital Marketing programs. are right the value of Wealthy Affiliate for all their tools it doesn’t compare with other programs. Definitely anyone who is interested on the marketing online has to try it.



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