Make Money with Product Report Card

 Reasons to Sign-Up to Product Report Card

If you are trying to make money filling online surveys, then you have to know Product Report Card. This program is an excellent option to earn money, and one of my favorites.

Why is Product Report Card one of my favorite survey programs?

The reason is that there are many ways you can earn money not only by filling surveys. Yes, you read right, there are other ways to make money.

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What are the other ways to Make Money with Product Report Card?

Although the surveys are very good and interesting, the truth is that I like to participate more in the other options; and my top one is to take part in panels or communities about different topics.

How Much I Make at the Community’s Studies

I make from $75 to $200 per study depending on its length and usually, I receive more than two invitations a month to participate. 😉

Do not you think it’s awesome to earn that amount of money just by joining a panel and sharing your opinion? I would say yes!

So you can see that what I say is true, here below I share one of the invitations I received this week.

My Second Favorite Task.

The other task I love is testing products; this is very fun where you know a new product for free and get paid for sharing your thoughts! Cool, right? And the payment is nothing bad because you may earn up to $10.  Here is an example.

Third Way to Earn Money besides Filling Surveys.

The other way and the last option to make money at Product Report Card is by registering your appliances, electronics, and baby and kids gear. The reason for registering your products is to participate in future studies performed by the different brands of the registered devices.

What do you think about Product Report Card? Don’t you think that there are enough reasons to register for this program? I do 🙂 You have nothing to lose, it’s free, and you could earn a couple of hundred dollars a month or more!

Ups, and I almost forgot to mention that you make $5.00 for signing up!

I hope you liked this article and are considering registering to make some extra money. And, if you want to know about what other Survey Programs should enroll check my post My Top Five Survey Programs.

One more thing, remember to leave your comments and if you are already part of Product Report Card tell me your experiences.

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See ya!

4 thoughts on “Make Money with Product Report Card”

  1. Hey Darmendra,

    Thanks for sharing this survey site! When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to find a way to make some decent money online, that doesn’t require business skills or something. And Product Report Card seems like a great choice, the earning is pretty good and the site looks legitimate.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Anh,

      you’re welcome and yes ProductReportCard is legit but unfortunately is only for US residentes.  



  2. Great article! I wanted to point out my interest in this after reading your blog, although i won’t be able to sign partially because i am not in the US. But i love your site, its awesome, its so easy to read and laid out so conveniently.
    Awesome job


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