Online Black Friday Shopping

Online Black Friday Shopping, why is better?

Online Black Friday Shopping,
Why does it this way?

As everybody knows the Black Friday deals will be everywhere in the USA in less than two weeks from now. So, I thought it is a good idea to tell you why in my opinion the Online Black Friday Shopping is the best option.

But, if you’re thinking this article is only for US residents because the Black Friday is an American tradition, well let me tell you this isn’t entirely true since in the most recent times we see more countries join The Black Friday Tradition. And why not if the retailers may earn more money than during the holiday season! Crazy, right?

But in case your country is still not part of the Black Friday Tradition, do not worry because most of your favorite US brands have their Black Friday Deals Online! And shipping almost to everywhere around the world. 🙂

Okay now without further ado let’s move onto the reasons you are reading this article, should you do the Online Black Friday shopping?

Why are better the Online Black Friday Shopping

Online Black Friday Shopping

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Reason #1. Avoid long lines

These days it is no longer necessary for you stay out of the store for hours waiting for them to open so you may buy your favorite items. Why? Because you may also find them online for the same price or with some luck, you might get them for less money! 


Reason #2. Get Special Deals

When I mentioned before that with some luck you could buy your items for less money, it means! This is because the retailers are looking their customers buy more online, for two reasons. First one, the stores won’t be crowded. And in second because this way they wouldn’t have to pay for more employees to cover that day. It makes sense, right?

Then, how can stores convince their customers to buy products online? Very simple, Offering them special offers by purchasing through their website. Yes! Most of the time offering up to 20% off extra depending on the retailer.


Here are some examples:

EricDress Black Friday&Cyber Monday 85% off &Extra 15% off no limited &Fest code

Online Black Friday Shopping


Fashionmia Big Sale!!! dresses&T-shirts up to 85% Off! and latest Hoodies and Sweatshirts  Check now!!!


Big Deal Up to 90% Off


Yoins Up to 80% off +Extra 20% off for Black Friday super

Up to 80% off +Extra 20% off for Black Friday super sale


Naked Zebra Black Friday 50% OFF Exclusive – PROMO: CJBLKFRI



Reason #3. More chances to find the product you are looking

How many times has it happened to you that when finally you entered the store to buy your product, it’s gone! I bet more than once :-(. Well, this is another reason to consider buying online on Black Friday. You have more chances of getting the item you are looking.


Reason #4. Get the items in better conditions

Everybody knows that on Black Friday sales the products at the stores are exposed to any damages due to people are manipulating them. So, If you want to avoid any unexpected damage, you probably want to purchase your product online.


Reason #5. Black Friday Deals Starts Before

In case you did not know, almost all stores start black Friday offers on their website at least a week before and others up to 15 days early! Which mean is time to make your Online Black Friday Shopping!


Reason #6. Get Cash Back for every purchase you do

If you already have considered your black Friday purchases online, you should register for the cash back reward program Ebates! Don’t you know how it works? No worries, go to my post: Ebates Review where you may see how I used it last year on Black Friday and how much I got on cash back.

More than 2000 stores are affiliates to Ebates, so I may almost assure you your favorite brands are part of this cash back reward program. 

Register for free and Earn a $10 Welcome Bonus. Black Friday deals just started. Get up to 15% Cash Back!



I hope you have enjoyed this post, guys. And please let me know what you think of Online Black Friday Shopping. As well, share with us how you’re going to make your Black Friday Purchases we will love to know your plans.


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See ya, and Happy Black Friday!






6 thoughts on “Online Black Friday Shopping, why is better?”

  1. You are totally right with Black Friday Deals, you find some products at very good prices. Ordering online has many advantages as you say, no big queues, no damages, no stress, and you find what you want but i have to tell you something.
    I know you will not agree but I had some bad experience ordering online and now I am afraid so how I can deal with this problem?
    A lot of people want to see what they buy and of course if are clothes you want to try them before … I don’t know, is just my thought. There is a way to feel secure online about the products you buy? Do you recommend any site, anyway?

    1. Hi,

      I totally understand what you mean. I recommend buying at sites that are trustworthy such as Walmart, target, BestBuy just for mentioning few. On the other hand, if you want to buy in a new website that you have hardly heard of it, you should always make some reviews of their products and customer service before purchasing. 

      I hope this may help 😉

      Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping!

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