Online Translator Jobs: How to Start a Career Today!

Make a Career with Online Translator Jobs  

Do you speak a second language and frequently you help your friends and family with translations? If your answer is yes, you might consider working as an Online Translator. Do you like the idea? Excellent! Stay where you are because next, I’ll tell you how to apply for Online Translator Jobs, even if you do not have experience 😉 

What options do I have to find Online Translator Jobs?

Your first option is to work as a Freelance Translator. This option is better for those ones who are not professional translators or don’t have a certification but they speak the language because is their native language or grew up with it as a second language. For example, in my case, I speak English which I learned in high school and I’ve perfected after marrying an American. But due to I don’t have any training in translations, I only feel comfortable doing translations into my native language which is Spanish.

Another way is through companies looking for translators to work on their projects. But you will not be a company employee rather you will work as an independent contractor. To apply for these companies, you will have to gather certain requirements like approving a test. But do not worry, if you speak fluently your mother tongue and more than fair the second language then you will not have problems being accepted as a translator.

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Online Translator Jobs
Where to Apply

1. Websites for Freelance Translators

There are two companies which are very popular and free to register, I mean to Upwork and Freelancer.

Registering at any of these two sites is not complicated. As I mentioned above, there’s no fee for signing up, and you don’t need to pass any tests to be accepted. All you have to do is fill out a form with your personal information, skills and work experience, as well as the job you are looking for.

For this case, you will specify “looking for translation jobs” and what kind of translation projects you can do, for example, translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Or Chinese to English and vice-versa. Another data you’ll mention on the form is your hourly rate. So, who searches for a translation job could see your rate.  

Wondering how these sites work? Let me explain it to you. The site shows your profile to people who are looking for different services like the one you are offering “translation jobs,” at the same time, you receive notifications with offer jobs that match your profile. Once you find an offer that suits you, apply for it if the person or company is interested, they contact you.

Freelancer and Upwork do not charge you for finding you a job, but they charge you a commission for each job you perform. Which is fair, do not you think?

One more thing that you want to know, the payment is through PayPal. So if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, it’s time to create one.  

2.- Companies that hire you as a Freelance Contractor



This company offers translation services to companies through artificial intelligence and human working together. Unbabel provides quality translation services to companies looking to reach more customers having Multilingual websites and apps.

Some of the companies that are using Unbabel’Apps and Unbabel API are Oculus, Pinterest, bit4coin, among others. Can you imagine that you could contribute to improving the customer service of large enterprises with your bilingual knowledge? Cool, right?

They also offer translations for blogs, articles, email marketing, products listing, audio transcriptions, and video subtitles.

If you are interested, you can apply on their website. The company accepts people without experience as long you pass the evaluation process. After the evaluation, they score your skills and performance which determine your hourly rate and which customer task you have access to.  

Guess what? They pay Via PayPal or Skrill.


This is another company offering different types of translations to its clients in many languages where professionals and beginners for this job are welcome.

If you want to try this site, all you have to do is create a free account and take your two-part test, but do not worry as they give you a guide to prepare. And this’s it, once approved you will be able to see all the translation projects available. One more thing, about the payment method they do it via PayPal or Payoneer.


Well, this is all I have for today, what do you think? Do you like the idea of working as an Online translator? Please leave me a comment; I am always happy to hear from you. 


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8 thoughts on “Online Translator Jobs: How to Start a Career Today!”

  1. Online language has interested me, but I am also interested to know, if the payment is on hourly basis, does it mean that the volume of the assignment does not matter in this case? Also if I am conversant with the two languages but I have not taken any course professionally can I qualify?

    1. Hi Gbaluhi,

      About the payment, it can be by hourly or per project all depends on each site. Also, some of the sites do not ask for any certificate on language to register, I mean you don’t have to be professional.   I hope this helps you.



  2. I used to contemplate being a translator, but I do not have experience. And it is nice to know there are some options out there that do not require individuals to be experienced in the field in order to be hired as a translator.

    I especially like the sound of Gengo. I just might check it out! Thank you for the insight.

  3. Can you give examples of rates you were paid, the volume of words involved and the subject-matter? How can the translator be sure he will get paid? Are the payments made through escrow? I could talk hours about the intricacies of translation, having been a translator all my life. One does not become a translator overnight, it takes many years of training and study. The low rates that are paid online only serve to prove that the hiring companies know that a majority of their “contractors” or freelancers are not professional translators and use Google or other online translation devices to get the job done. Would you let an online freelance surgeon operate on you, or a freelance architect draw the plans of your house? Any reputable translation company knows that it is only as good as the last job it performed, so it will strive to find the best translators and keep them at the best possible rate. Best of luck in your online career!

  4. Am glad I read this I speak perfect English and I travelled to Turkey sometime and learnt some turkish and reading this I would like to try it as a translator

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