Traveling on thanksgiving? Check this post out to know how my family and I always save traveling on thanksgiving. Click through to save money on your next trip.

How to Save Money on your Thanksgiving Travel

Save Money On your Thanksgiving Travel plus Money Back!

Hesitating of traveling on Thanksgiving because of the money? Well, I think I can help you to make it possible. Yeah! You could travel on Thanksgiving for less money using one simple App.

Are you excited to know how to save money on your Thanksgiving trip? Okay, stay with me to learn how exactly you may save money traveling on thanksgiving plus get money back for what you expend. Isn’t it cool? Oh yes!

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Are you Traveling on Thanksgiving? Let me tell you how you can save money on your Thanksgiving Travel by using one App. You can save a lot of money on your flight tickets, hotel rooms, cars rental and restaurants. You may also get cash back on all your reservations and purchases. This is on of the best travel hacks for saving money you may find. Click through to learn how!


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Why do I consider It’s Important to Travel on Thanksgiving?

Before I tell you how you may save money on your Thanksgiving travel, let me ask you something first.

How many times have you changed your plans about Traveling on Thanksgiving? Probably many, and all because of the high prices on flights, hotels, food and other expenses you might have during the trip.

In my opinion, it shouldn’t be like this, since Thanksgiving means for me is to thank for the things God has given us, like the family and friends; so, I think Thanksgiving should be a day to spend time with them. Unfortunately, many of us we can’t because we live far from them.

Saying the above, many of us have to travel on Thanksgiving to see our family but because it may be expensive we just decide to cancel the trip and wait until Christmas to see them. Am I right?

Then, in order to this happen, we always look for ways to save money on your Thanksgiving trip; and one of our favorites is the Ebates App. Have never heard about it? No worries, below, I will explain to you how you can use Ebates to save money on your Thanksgiving travel.


Save Money on your Thanksgiving Trip Using Ebates


Thanksgiving Dinner


When My husband and I started looking for ways to save money traveling on Thanksgiving we were surprised by all the options we can use to save money planning a trip.

Among these options are the websites where you may book hotel rooms, flights, cars rentals; all on the same website with lots of good deals. Some of those websites are,,,

I recommend you always take a look at those sites when you are planning a trip; we have saved up to $200 buying our flight tickets in the past.

Well, why am I mentioning those websites to save money on your Thanksgiving trip if I said we use Ebates? The reason is we do use these websites but through Ebates. Let me explain you more.

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What Is Ebates?

Ebates is a reward program, in fact, it’s a cash back program where you may find more than 2000 stores to buy whatever you need. So, every time you make a purchase on one of these stores through Ebates, you will get money back.

Now you know what Ebates is and how it works you understand why I mentioned,, and the other online travel agencies. Yes! You can find them on Ebates.

Never have tried these sites before? You should! So, you could save money on your Thanksgiving trip. You won’t believe how much you can save by using these sites besides the cash back you may get.

Join Ebates Today and Get a $10 bonus! 


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Okay, I already told you can save money on your Thanksgiving trip by using the online travel agencies on Ebates but that’s not the only way you can save money on this website. Below, I’ll tell you the 4 ways you can use Ebates to save money traveling on Thanksgiving.  


4 Ways to Use Ebates for Saving Money on your Thanksgiving Travel.


1. How to Save Money on Airfares

Log-in to your Ebates account, if you’re still not a member join today. It’s free and you earn a $10 bonus as a welcome.

Once you are logged, go to the travel and Vacations section. Click on Airfares or Vacation Packages, and voilà! You will find many online travel agencies sites where you may save a lot of money.

Explore them, and choose the one of your preference without leaving aside the one that gives you the better deal.

See the pictures below.


How to save money on your Thanksgiving Travel Using Ebates.



How to Save Money On your Thanksgiving Trip using one simple App.



2. How to Save Money on Hotels

Are you planning to book a hotel room? You can do it on Ebates too! This way you don’t miss the chance to get cash back on your hotel bill. Besides, you could find coupons and discounts to use on your reservation.

One way you can do it is by using websites like,, which absolutely you will find them on Ebates. Each site has their own offers as well as their own percentage on Cash Back. It can be from 2.5% up to 10% of your purchase. I recommend checking as many websites you can to compare prices and their cash back.

Another way to save money on your hotel reservation is by using the Ebates Hotels Section. In this section, you may find thousands of hotels from all over the world and you always get 7% on Cash Back. 

Last option is booking your hotel room directly through the hotel website. Search for your favorite website on Ebates and if it’s in here, check out their deals! 



Save Money on your Hotel on your Thanksgiving Trip.



3.- How to Save Money on a Rental Car

Looking for a rental car for where you’re going? Use Ebates to find many car rentals companies like Avis, Budget Rent-A-Car, Alamo, Europcar, and others. Rember to compare them so you can get the best deal.  



Save Money on Car Rentals on your Thanksgiving Trip


4.- How to Save Money on Restaurants

We all know how expensive food is and more if we pay for it in a restaurant. One of the reason vacations can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you use Ebates. How? You can find on Ebates the website called which offers lots of coupons and discounts to use them in different restaurants.

For example, you could buy a $25 Gift Card for $10 to use it in different restaurants in the USA plus the cash back you can get. Take a look on the website to see more other deals you can use to save money on restaurants on your Thanksgiving trip.



How to Save Money on restaurant on your Thaksgiving Trip


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What do you think about these 4 ways to save money on your Thanksgiving travel? Do you think you would like to try them? Which one do you think it could be useful to you? 


Leave me your comments; I am always happy to read them.


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  1. I am always interested in saving money on travel, so your headline was enticing to me. I assumed it might already be too late to get a discount on Thanksgiving travel, so I am really glad I found this article. I have heard of ebates, but I never thought about that for travel, hotels, rental cars, etc. This sounds like a great option and one I will have to check out a little further. Anytime I can save money, I will certainly try to do that. Thank you for this post, I will forward to my sister who is traveling this Thanksgiving as well.

  2. Excellent article. Who doesn’t like to save money when they can?. I certainly do. Everything costs so much money it’s nice to hear about websites that will give you cash back for Purchases your going to make anyways.
    I did find grammatical errors, where I had to read the sentence a few times to understand what you had said, but other wise good information.
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  3. Hello Darmendra,

    Excellent article on how to save money! Besides traveling and holidays, I am always looking for ways to save money.

    The recommendations on this article is very detailed! I’ve actually downloaded Ebates in the past, but never tried it. Your explanation was very helpful and more than enough of a push for me to actually try it out!

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