How to Save Money on your Thanksgiving Travel

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Save Money On your Thanksgiving Travel
plus Money Back!

Hesitating of traveling this Thanksgiving because of the money? Well, maybe today I can help you to make the trip that you’ve been thinking. Yeah, your Thanksgiving Travel! How can I help with that? What about if I tell you How to Save Money on your Thanksgiving travel? Even more, you can also get money back for Whatever you spend! Isn’t it cool? Yes! And I am sure right now you are considering to make that trip. Good for you 🙂

Before going to the part where I tell you how to save money on your Thanksgiving travel, I want to share a story with you about my parents and me. And it made me think that money should not always impede me from seeing the family.

How to Save Money on your Thanksgiving Travel




Let me explain it better due I do not want you to misunderstand when I say money should not be an impediment to visit the family out of town. What I want to say is that many times we skip visiting our families with the excuse we do not have money to do it, and I got it, there’re sometimes when we can not because our finances are not well, I’ve been there too. But not all the time this is 100% true. 

How many times have we used this excuse when our financial situation is not too bad? Maybe the trip it would make us adjust a little more in the next check, but we can definitely afford it. We just do not want to do it this way, so we tell ourselves, “better I save more money to make the trip,” which often does not happen because other expenses arise. Am I right?

I know because it is my story too! I did not visit my parents in Mexico for 15 months! How did I let this happen??? Saying “I will go when I save more money.”

When I realized that it had been almost 14 months and not saved money, I decided to make the trip. So, I started looking for deals on the airfares because it did not want to affect too bad our finances. And this is what I  Below you may find what I found.


How to Save Money on your Thanksgiving Travel

I was surprised that nowadays, there are so many ways to save money when we travel; we just have to know them to start enjoying their benefits.

Thanksgiving Dinner


Among the options, I refer to are the websites whose offer discounts or coupons for their customers when they book hotel rooms, flights, and even car rentals. Some examples of these sites are,,,, and others.

If you have never tried them before, I totally recommend it since, in my experience, I always save up to 200 dollars on the plane tickets for my family and me when I buy them through these sites that with the websites of the airlines. But what I found recently is that also I may also get money back for my purchases! Which means saving even more 🙂 More often the Cash Back programs are more popular because people like to put extra money into their pockets. And who does not, right?

More often the Cash Back programs are more popular because people like to put extra money into their pockets. Well as all of you I also love this type of programs, that’s why I have been using one of those programs for more than a year with excellent results. The program I’m talking about is And this is why is my first choice when I look to save on my travels.


If you have heard about Ebates, but you never tried because you do not know how it works, you might want to check my post: Is Scam? Here, you will see why you should be using Ebates to save money in more the 2000 stores.   Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


If you have never heard about Ebates, let me tell you that is a website where you may find more than 2000 stores where besides of saving money with tons of deals you get cash back from every purchase through this site! Check it Here and get $10.00 for signing up.


Now let’s go back to our topic How you can Save Money on your Thanksgiving Travel using Ebates.  


How I Save Money on my Thanksgiving Travel using Ebates.

1. How to Save Money on Airfares

Perhaps you know most of the time you get good deals but really GOOOOD DEALS when you buy your flight tickets through websites like,,, among others. But what if I tell you can get the same discounts + cash back for your entire purchase by using these websites through EBATES.COM? You would want to try it, right? 

Do not know how to do it? The only thing you have to do is going to the website EBATES.COM and look for the travel and Vacations section, click on it and voilà you will see all the different travel agent sites where you may save money. See the photo below.


How to save money on your travels



How to Save Money On your Thanksgiving Travel


2. How to Save Money on Hotels

If you’re planning to book a hotel, do it in Ebates too! This way you get cash back for it besides coupons and discounts for your reservation. 

One way of doing it is booking the hotel through websites available to make hotel reservations like,, to mention some. Each site has their own offers as well the amount of Cash Back, which can go from 2.5% up to 10% of your purchase. The reason I recommend check as many of these sites you can to compare prices and cash back.

Another way is going to the EBATES HOTELS section which is another site where you may find thousands of hotels from all over the world and always get the 7% of CashBack from your reservation. Or If you prefer booking the hotel directly to the Hotel Website you can also do it, just look for your favorite hotel on Ebates.


How to Save Money on Hotels


3.- How to Save Money on a Rental Car

Yes, if you need a rental car for where ever you’re going this Thanksgiving you may also find it here. Companies like AVIS, Budget Rent-A-Car, Alamo, Europcar and others have different promotions, discounts and of course Cash Back.

How to Save Money on Car Rentals


4.- How to Save Money on Food

We all know how expensive the food is and more if we have to pay for it in a restaurant. One of the reasons vacations can be costly since we usually eat more in restaurants. But it doesn’t have to be this way since Ebates has an alternative, and is called

A way to save money is buying a $25 Gift Card for $10 to use it in different Restaurants in the USA. But this is not the only way you might save money since you also find other promotions to use during your trip.


How to Save Money on Food




What do you think of all my tips to save money for your Thanksgiving Travel? Do you think they could help you to visit your family this Thanksgiving? I hope so. Start Getting Cash Back Now!


Do you mind to leave me a comment? I am always happy to read them.


Do you wanna know what company pays you for window shopping? Check it here. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sincerely thanks for reading and see you soon!



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  1. I am always interested in saving money on travel, so your headline was enticing to me. I assumed it might already be too late to get a discount on Thanksgiving travel, so I am really glad I found this article. I have heard of ebates, but I never thought about that for travel, hotels, rental cars, etc. This sounds like a great option and one I will have to check out a little further. Anytime I can save money, I will certainly try to do that. Thank you for this post, I will forward to my sister who is traveling this Thanksgiving as well.

  2. Excellent article. Who doesn’t like to save money when they can?. I certainly do. Everything costs so much money it’s nice to hear about websites that will give you cash back for Purchases your going to make anyways.
    I did find grammatical errors, where I had to read the sentence a few times to understand what you had said, but other wise good information.
    Thank you

  3. Hello Darmendra,

    Excellent article on how to save money! Besides traveling and holidays, I am always looking for ways to save money.

    The recommendations on this article is very detailed! I’ve actually downloaded Ebates in the past, but never tried it. Your explanation was very helpful and more than enough of a push for me to actually try it out!

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