Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

 How to Make Money From Home with
Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Hello folks, today I want to share with you how to make money with Search Engine Evaluator Jobs. Not have any idea what this is about? Don’t worry that below I’ll explain to you everything about it  😉

First of all, let’s explain what a Search Engine is.

Well, a Search Engine is a computer program designed to search for documents by using one or more keywords. Thus, the search engine results in a list of all documents containing the keyword or keywords determined to search.

The best example to finish understanding what a Search engine is mentioning Google. Why Google? Well, because Google uses search engines, also known as a mathematical algorithm, which is responsible for the best search results.

Well, now that we have clear what a search engine is, let’s pass to the next topic that I am sure you’re waiting for.

A computer on a wood desk and white headphones on the side; and a sign that says search engine evaluator jobs

What is a Search Engine Evaluator?

It is clear that the results obtained in the search engines on the internet like in Google we have them thanks to the mathematical algorithms without the intervention of humans.
However, the search engines have to be evaluated by people making sure the results match the assigned search. Yes, you are right if you think it’s here where a search engine evaluator intervene.

Therefore, give an analysis and feedback of texts, images, websites among other information obtained would be your job if you decide to apply for one of the Search Engine Evaluator Jobs.

If you still do not understand how you can do this job from home, it’s simple, since all the analysis and evaluation are done through a tool online.

Where to find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Many companies offer Search Engine Evaluator Jobs which I mention below.

1. Google

I want to start with the most influential company on the internet, Google.

Yes, Google offers Search Engine Evaluator Jobs, but unlike the other companies, Google calls this position as ads quality rater. I know the idea of working for Google sounds very exciting, but sadly is not easy to get the job 🙁

Finding the position available is not frequent but do not stop trying to look it up and apply it if it’s available. What you have to do is go to Google career and search for ads quality rater and the region where you live, and that’s it. If there is an offer, apply! 

2. Leapforce

Leapforce also knows it as Leapforce At Home offers the opportunity of working as an independent agent providing Search Engine Evaluation for Leapforce clients.
If you want to know more about this company, click here where you will find the requirements and application process.

3. Lionbridge

This company offers besides search engine evaluator jobs other kinds that also you can do from home as translators, freelance interpreters among others. But if what you are interested in is the search engine evaluator jobs click here to see if there offers for this job.

4. Appen

Appen is a global leader in voice and search technology services and as Lionbridge looks for search engine evaluators but also other kinds of jobs such as a social media evaluator. So if you love social media, this would be an awesome opportunity for you.

More here.

5. Isoftstone

It’s a global company who seeks people from all over the world with talent and skills in languages and technology to perform different types of jobs among them Search Engine Evaluator.

What about the Payment

Mentioning a particular number is a bit difficult since most companies ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding payment. However, different sites on the internet mention $13-15 per hour.


Looking for more jobs you can do from home? Find them on my post 8 Excellent Ways to Make Money from Home.

Well, this is it, for now, my friends, I hope you have enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Do not forget to leave me your comments; let me know what you think about search engine evaluator jobs and if you would like to apply for this job.

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  1. I came across a job title as Search Engine Evaluator for the first time and found it very interesting as one can be employed from home if one has the required knowledge and skill. This maybe a job for the future as well as more and more of our lives depend on the internet and the search engines gain even more popularity as time goes by.
    Thanks for enlightening us to a exciting new work from home opportunity on the net.

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