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Sell Used Books for Cash

Where to Sell Used Books for Cash


If you have books, or textbooks stored somewhere in the house that you don’t want anymore; you may be interested in knowing Where to sell used books for cash.

 But, why you should consider it; the reasons are simple, one is that if you do not use them anymore, and are lying somewhere in your house, the only are occupying space that probably you need for something else.


Another reason is, the more things we accumulate in a room, the less likely to clean it properly, causing nests of animals such as termites or, even worse, rodents. Although when I say get rid of them, I am not saying put them in the trash, you can rid of them in a better way.

And this is where I’ll help you by sharing the best sites where to sell used books for cash. Do you like this idea?

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If you are considering to do this, let’s first to see if your books are in good condition. If they are then, you might want to know how and where you can sell old books and that is what I am going to tell you next.


Check this post out to learn how to make cash fast selling your books online! You Will find the best places to sell used books for extra money.

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Sell Used Books for Cash. Learn in this post how to do it and the best places to sell them.There are two ways to sell all kinds of used books. The first way is doing it personally in stores who specialize in buying and selling used books. Do not know where to find one? Don’t worry just Google “where to sell my old books near me”; I’m sure you’ll find more than one store. Believe it or not, these stores are still popular since many people still like reading printed books. I am one of these people 🙂

The second way is selling used books online. Yeah, from the comfort of your home! Amazing, right?

Below, you can see, the best places to sell your books online.



There are many different ways to do it, but in my opinion, the best way to sell books online is by using Scouting Sites such as and

What these kinds of websites do is to check the price of your book on many different sites, so, this way you can know all the prices offered by various sites.

So you can be sure that the one who is buying your book it is the highest bidder. And everything in only one site. It is really cool because you do not have to search one by one on these websites, right?


There is only one con using these sites; The prices that appear can regularly change this means that the price offered today, may be different tomorrow, either for better or for worse. So if you consider that what they offer you for your book is good “sell it” maybe tomorrow it will be less.

Any kind, novels, used books, textbooks, rare books, etc., but every site is different, so you have to check first with them the kind of book they buy.


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Best Sites to Sell Used Books for Cash 


As the name says, Bookscouter is a scouting site. This website helps you sell your textbooks and used books for the most money by comparing offers from 39 book buyback vendors with a single search. It is 100% free with no registration.

Navigating on this website is easy. You only have to introduce the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) from your book to get all the offers from the buyback vendors. If you do not know where you can find ISBN is typically ubicated on the back cover of the book.


Identify your desired vendor to whom you’d like to sell your book, and then you’ll be taken to their website where you’ll do your transaction. And that’s it; you will be putting extra money in your wallet after a few days.

One more thing, if you are trying to sell rare, collectible or antique books, this website is not a good option due they do not accept them, but AbeBooks and Powell’s Book do it.


For more information about payment method, and book conditions, please Click Here.



BookFinder is another scouting site where you can buy thousands of books in different languages, but also you may sell books, although they only buyback textbooks. So if you have college books that you will not use anymore, visit this site to find out how much money you can earn for your textbooks. also uses the ISBN to find the best offers from different bookstores, once you see each offer, choose the best buyback price and make the transaction. Shipping costs included. Regarding the payment method and conditions, you have to see it directly with the buyback vendor you chose, and not with BookFinder who only connects you with the buyer.


As you can see, the site is as simple as BookScouter, and you do not need to register to sell your books either.




AbeBooks is not a scouting site. Abebooks works with which will make the best offer for your new books, used books or textbooks.

The offer price is based on the book demand, so if your book is hard to find in a library at the time you are trying to sell it, probably you will have a good offer for it. If you decide to sell your book through AbeBooks, you do not pay the shipping, they do. 


The offer price is based on the book demand, so if your book is hard to find in a library at the time you are trying to sell it, probably you will have a good offer for it. If you decide to sell your book through AbeBooks, you do not pay the shipping, they do.

The payment method may be Via Check and Paypal which can take 1 to three days after the shipment is processed.



4. buys many types of books as long as it meets the standards specified in the book conditions guide as well as the physical conditions requirements. To know more, you can visit the Book Condition Guidelines.


In the same way as the other websites after typing the ISBN, you will receive an offer for your book, if you accept it, ship it without any cost to you by printing the shipping labels when you do the check-out.
And that’s it after your package is processed, you get your payment either via Paypal or Check as you choose.



5. Powell’s Books Store

Powell’s books are a bookstore chain located in Portland, Oregon with four branches. One of them “Powell’s City of Books” is considered the largest used and new bookstore in the world with more than 1 million books.

This bookstore is an expert in buying and selling all kinds of books, and when I say all kinds, it’s “All Kind” of rare books, antiques, collectible volumes and more.

So, if you live in Portland Oregon, you should not miss the opportunity to visit one of the four stores and bring the books you want to sell.


But if you do not live in Oregon do not worry, they also buy books online.

Write the book’s ISBN and see their offer, if you like it, sell it! They cover shipping. You receive credit for your account or payment via PayPal.



Amazon has a program called Trade-In. In this program, it is possible to sell almost all kinds of items, and guess what? Books too!

It works the same as the other sites, after typing the ISBN you receive an offer, then you decide if you want to sell or not. If you decide to sell the shipping is also free.

The only difference is the payment which is through Amazon Gift Cards, nothing bad since on Amazon we can buy thousands of products for a good price.



What do you think? Would you like to sell used books for cash?

Let me know if you sell any book in one of these sites and how you did, or if you already have sold old books through one of these sites or a different one, let us know how was it go. I appreciate all your comments.



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  1. I love to read books. Even though I have a collection of books I never thought about selling them. I don’t know that I would but it’s good to know how I can do that. I’ve taken some magazines to a Half-Price bookstore and they’ll buy them there too. It’s good to know that you can make some money selling your books.

    Thank you for the information about how to sell your books and putting the different stores you can go to.

    1. Darmendra Singh

      I know Rosa, it’s hard to get rid of books when you love them, but as you say it’s always good to know where we can sell books in case you do not want them anymore. Thanks for your comments.



  2. I appreciate how you have provided us with good information. I have noticed that most buying sites, and also Amazon, want books that look like new, with no marks. My hundreds of books were either bought used, or I have marked them up myself–that’s the reason for buying a book rather than reading it from the library. By the way, I tried selling books at a books-only yard sale…but nobody came!

    1. Hi Jillian,

      First of all thanks so much for reading my article, I really appreciate it.

      On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear that you are having a hard time making some money selling your used books, I guess, people still prefer paying for a new book instead of used ones because of the marks; without matter that they could save some money buying the used book.

      Finally, as for your garage sale, perhaps you might like to review my article how to sell your stuff online for extra money where I share some of the best sites that are very helpful for selling items online, as well as some tips on how to do it, safely.

      Thanks again for stopping by this site.

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