Sell your DVDs Online for Cash

How To Sell your DVDs For Cash

Easy Way to Earn Cash online Selling Your Old DVDs

Have you recently asked yourself how you could sell your DVDs for cash since you do not use them anymore? Well, I’ve done. I thought about it after cleaning the bookcase where I keep some DVDs and Blu-Rays; and realized how many DVDs we no longer watch.

Even worse, we’ve not touched them in two years because now we prefer to watch movies in Blue-Ray for obvious reasons. A reason why many of those films we own them on Blu-ray too.

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So, I ask myself why I have to keep the DVDs if probably we will not use them again. Am I right?
Well, after thinking about it a little bit more finally, I make the decision. It’s time to get rid of some movies but instead of putting them in the recycling bin, maybe I could sell them.

And although I will not recover the money I invested in them at least I can earn a few dollars and use it to buy new movies. As you can see there is always a way to save money, and this is one of them. Sell your old movies to buy new ones! 🙂

On the other hand, the same day I also remembered that I had a plastic box full of CDs that I do not remember when was the last time I played them. Why? Because now everything is digital music! We no longer have a CD player in the house, only in cars, but we do not use them either because we prefer to listen to our own music from our phones. So I thought I could sell them too.

Simply times have changed and we with it, that’s how it works. 😉

Once the decision was made, I look for places where I could sell my DVDs and CDs.
There are two ways to do it, the first one is in person at local stores and the second way is on the internet through different websites. I prefer this last one because is convenient and easy. 

Maybe you do not want to get rid of all the old movies or CDs like me because some have a special meaning, but in case you want to sell other here, I leave you some of the sites on the internet that I think are worth you take a look.

Best Websites Where to Sell DVDs, Blue-ray and CDs for Extra Cash 

1. Decluttr

I would say you should consider this site as the first option for trying to sell your DVDs for cash since it is super simple to have an estimated price of your movies. Only enter the Barcode Number of your movie and just in seconds you know how much your movie is worth. 

Sell your DVDs for Cash

On this site, you can also sell your CDs, Video Games, Books, Electronic Products like Apple products, cell phones, Kindle, and Consoles. But, also, you may sell your son’s legos! That’s right, those you have to move from one side to another because sadly he doesn’t want to play with them anymore. I know every mom with kiddos know what I am talking about 🙂

As I mentioned before, the website is super simple to use, just enter the data of your object to sell and in minutes you have the value for it, and if you like the offer accept it and you are done. Once you finish adding all the items you want to sell you will have to ship them. But wait a moment, do I have to pay for the shipment? The answer is no! They pay for it!

But when do I receive my payment? The day after your items arrive. There different ways to get pay, one is direct to your Decluttr account ready to spend however you want. The second and third option is by check or Via PayPal. Isn’t it super easy?

One more thing, for now, Decluttr is only available in the United Kingdom and the USA.

2. Eaglesaver

This is my second favorite site, since, like Decluttr, it is super easy to use. Among the items, you can sell here are DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, Games, Books, and Textbooks.

Eaglesaver works just like Decluttr after introducing the barcode number you get the object’s price. Once you finish adding all the items you decide to sell through this site, they will send you a label to prepare your shipment, which is free!

eaglesaver website lobo

How do you get paid? You will be paid by PayPal or Check within 24 hours of the receipt of your items.

3. Bonavendi is another very convenient site to sell your DVDs for cash although it works differently to Decluttr and Eaglesaver.

This site compares your objects with 28 sites that buy the type of product you are selling, so this way you get the best price for it. But unfortunately, Decluttr is not on the 28 companies’ list which is sad because I found that one of my DVDs had a better price at Decluttr, although not always is like this.

Sell your DVD for Cash

Amount the articles you may sell here besides DVDs are CDs, Video Games, and Books.

Once you identify the site to which you want to sell your item, you carry out the transaction directly with it. Bonandi is just the intermediate to get in touch with the best buyer, does not buy your item. The buying process works as in all other sites where the company will give you instructions on how to ship your items which is free.

As you can imagine, each company has its own way of paying, but recommends these companies because they trust them and guarantee that you get your cash fast.

4. Secondspin

On you may also sell your DVDs for cash, as well as CDs, Blu-rays, and Games. works like the other sites, after entering the Barcode number, you get the price for your article. The only difference is that you have to pay for the shipping although they reimburse that money when you get paid.

Sell your DVDs for Cash

They have 3 different payment methods. The Online Credit which means they add your credit to your Secondspin account, by Check or Via PayPal.  

Another difference is that On Secondspind you can sell from anywhere since is a global company.

5. Amazon Trade-In

On Amazon, you can also sell your movies, music and many other products through the program Trade-In. At the Trade-In program, you do not get pay in cash, but you get an Amazon Gift Card which is not bad since there are thousands of things we can buy there! 🙂 And as the other sites, you ship your items for free.

Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed this article and getting ready to sell your DVDs for cash as well as other things. Please let me know your comments, or if you have a question leave it here, I will be happy to help.

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  1. This is exactly what i needed to see right now. Me and my wife were just talking about how we could get rid of our old dvds for some extra cash. I learned about a few programs that i didnt even know exist. Amazon trade in? Ive never heard of that and i shop on there all the time. Thanks for the insight for sure.

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