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Teach English Online for an Extra Income

How to Make Extra Money Teach English Online

Have you been looking for a way to earn money online? Well, if you have, you may want to teach English online which will make you make an extra income.

If you have skills in teaching and communicating with people, then this could be the job of your dreams. Teaching English can be fun as well as profitable as long as you know where to offer your services as an English teacher.

But if your native language is not English and for this reason, you do not think you should teach English, do not worry you can teach any other language in any of the programs mentioned in this article. Yeah, any language!

Okay, now you know you have the opportunity to teach your mother tongue I’m sure you are excited to learn where you can find this job opportunity, so let’s move on it.

Money teaching English Online

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Where to find Students to Teach English Online

It is easy and fast. You just have to apply online on sites that offer these jobs. You may find websites with a lot of requirements to be accepted to the program, but also there are others very flexible of which I mention below.

General Requirements

1. Be over 18 years old
2. Be a native speaker of the language to teach is not always necessarily a requirement, this depends on each site.
3. Have a computer with internet access

4. Feel comfortable using skype
5. Some sites require experience in teaching (teaching training, certificate or degree). Others just ask for interest in the field. 

Teach English Online

How much can you earn as a foreign language teacher?

The amount you make is as good as you want as it depends on how many hours you want to work a week. Besides, in most of the places, you’re the one setting the hourly rate. Is it not great? You decide how much to earn!

Websites where you can Teach English Online and other languages

1. Italki.com

Italki is one of my favorite websites to teach English online because you don’t necessarily need teaching experience and much less a certificate to apply. If this is your case, you could work on the informal tutorials where the only thing you need is the enthusiasm to help people learning your native language.

In this site, you are the one who set your rate and schedule, so you can teach as much or as little as you can or want. However, you do not charge your students directly the website does it for you! Cool, right? The company gets paid from the students, and then they give it to you; although they charge you a small commission for this. But who cares, especially when you don’t feel comfortable talking about money. 

 If you want to apply, all you need is a computer with internet access and a good pair of headset, and that’s it, you could teach English Online from anywhere.

2.- Verbling.com

Verbling.com is another great site where you can teach English or other language online. But unlike Italki, Verbling requests teaching experience, although you do not need a certificate, though if you have one will increase your chances of admission. Another requirement that you must meet is to be a native speaker.

And like in Italki on Verbling the teachers also set their hourly tutoring rates. So, if you have teaching experience and a good background, you should apply. You have a lot of chances to make good money here.

3.- Verbalplanet.com

This is another great site where you can sell your skills as a teacher to language students from all over the world. And as in the other two websites, you will work on your own schedule, but the payment works differently. In Verbalplanet you are who charge to the students, keeping 100% the earnings. Yes, 100%, since students pay directly to your PayPal account.

4. mYngle.com

This company is considered #1 in Europe to learn languages online. With students from around the world, you have many opportunities to earn serious money. Applying is easy, but the company asks for teaching experience although it does not require a professional degree to be accepted. And like the other sites, you are who set the fee and schedule. The only difference compared to the websites mentioned above is that in mYngle you may teach to students individually or in a group.

If you’d like to teach languages online as a freelance, then I recommend you to read my post How to Make Money with Freelance Jobs.

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Are you ready to teach English Online? Let me know your thoughts, or if you have a question, I will be happy to help. 

6 thoughts on “Teach English Online for an Extra Income”

  1. I like this concept. Usually when people are looking for a way to make money at home, they look to money-making programs that involve recruiting. I never thought to teach another language.

    It seems I’d need to know another language, wouldn’t I, or am I allowed to use stuff like google to translate what they’re asking me?

    1. Hi LaShaun,
      I’m glad you like the concept. About to your question, you need to know the language to teach. The objective of teaching a language is to teach a language that you know very well, so what the student learns is accurate.
      So if you do not speak a second language, you can teach your native language which we all know very well;)

      I recommend you to see Italki where you do not need any experience in the teaching field.

      Good Luck.


  2. Great site.
    As an English teacher, I am most interested in checking out these sites.
    I was not aware that they existed.
    Myngle looks really good since I have years of experience and several qualifications.
    Getting the money upfront from students has always been my concern, so I liked the idea of using PayPal.
    Do these sites all act as intermediary between teacher and student? I mean do you have to promote yourself independently or do they do it for you?
    How are the students connected with the teachers, is that random or do the students get a choice of teachers?
    I will try and get a quick check of Verbling as well.
    Thanks for making me aware of these sites, it is a great help.

    1. Hello,
      I am pleased to know this information can help you to earn extra money.
      For your questions, I will try to clarify them below:
      1.- You are correct, These sites are intermediaries between the student and the teacher. The site offers you as an option with the students who are looking for the characteristics and abilities that you meet.
      2. Students are based on choosing you as their teacher based on your resume, skills, and comments by other students.

      Good luck if you decide to try one of these sites.


  3. I would love it if I could get into teaching my native language, which is Slovak. I don’t have any previous teaching experience and that’s why I always thought it’s impossible to get into this industry. From your list, it looks like Italki would be the best option in my situation as they don’t require the experience. Thanks for this, I think I might just give it a go and see what happens.

    1. Hi Zuzana,
      Good thing you found it interesting. I think you should check Italki in the informal tutorials since some students are only looking the way to practice (speaking) the language they are learning or have learned but need to someone native who make corrections on pronunciation or teach them colloquial words.

      I hope, you give yourself a chance to try it 🙂


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