9 companies to work as a trascriptionist to make extra money

Transcription Jobs to Work From Home

Transcription Jobs, a perfect job for moms

Do you consider yourself good listening audios? And what about typing on the computer? Well if your answers are on both, then you are a perfect match to get one of the many transcription jobs that are looking for someone like you.

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But, what is a transcriptionist? 

Okay, a transcriptionist also known as a transcriber, is the person who literally transcribes every word listened to an audio text.

But how does this work and where you can get the audio to transcribe? 

Well, what you need to do is to apply to one of the many companies that offer transcription jobs, of which I’ll mention later.

As I mentioned before many companies offer jobs as a transcriptionist but not in all is easy to apply since they ask for experience. But don’t be discouraged as there are some companies have transcription jobs for beginners.

The only requirement you are asked to approve a grammar exam when you apply for the job as all the other companies do.

Not sure about the exam? No worries, the test is easy, and you can pass it if your grammar is proper, if you do not have difficulties typing on the computer what you’re listening from audio, and if you can do it fast. How fast? The ideal is between 60-70 words per minute but a little less is okay too.

Do you want to know how fast you can type? Take the typing test here.

What kind of audios will you transcribe?

Different kind of audios like audio text, or video audios depends on which one you choose. Also, the audio topic can be of different niches such as financial, medical or legal. Other topics you can find and are perfect for beginners are entertainment or general as market research, lectures, seminars, among others.

How much can you make?

Well, each company is different, some companies can pay per minute audio, audio or word time.

The thing is to understand that when we talk about an hour of audio is different from a real-time because if we do not have experience transcribing audio texts, this can take us between 3 or 4 hours to type it.

For this reason, it is sometimes hard to say how much you can earn per hour. So I’d rather speak pay-per-word.

Most of the companies pay $0.005 for word, but you get better pay if you have skills in a particular niche like legal or medical, as well if the sound is not okay.

If you want to have an idea of the audio minute rates I can tell they go from $0.23 to $0.60 or a little more. Because every company works differently, I recommend before applying for any transcription jobs, take a look at their rates first.

How do you get paid?

Most of the time is Via PayPal, so if you do not have an account yet it is time to create one; Use my referral link https://www.paypal.com/us and get $5.00 after making your first purchase.

Another payment method is by bank transfer to your account.

Well, do you think you may be a good transcriptionist?

Below, you could see some of the most popular companies for transcription jobs, which in my opinion, pay well and is not difficult to apply.

Nine Sites where to apply for Transcription Jobs.

1. TranscribeMe

2. Appenscribe

3. 1-888-Type-it-up

4. Accutran Global

5. Daily Transcription

6. GMR Transcription

7. Ubiqus

8. GoTranscript

9. TranscribeTeam

Did you like this article? What do you think about transcription jobs? Let me know your opinion or any other comment. I am always happy to read all your comments.


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2 thoughts on “Transcription Jobs to Work From Home”

  1. I applied for TranscribeMe, and it was easy to pass. However, I wouldn’t say the tests for all companies are easy. Some of them are hard. Some are unclear in terms of what’s said in the audio. Some tests are timed and some aren’t. For a beginner, the easiest to pass a test would be TranscribeMe. However, it will be less than minimum wage, at least at the beginning. TranscribeMe is general transcription. On the other hand, one can’t be a medical transcriptionist without special training. (I used to be a medical transcriptionist and had to train for it. Not worth it to train these days, though, because of the low pay.)

    Most companies, one will make minimum wage–unless one can type really fast, at least 70 wpm, and not pause too long to research to figure out some information said. It’s almost impossible to go faster than 70 wpm with just using the fingers, so one would need to use AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word or a word expander to further speed things up.

    1. Darmendra Singh

      Oh, thanks for the info Jean, it is so nice of you to share your experiences and opinion about the different companies. And you are right I subscribed to for the TranscribeMe, and the test was easy, so I totally recommended for beginners.  

      Thanks again for stopping by.


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