Transcriptionist Jobs for Newbies

Transcriptionist Jobs for Newbies

10  Companies Where to Find 
Transcription Jobs for Beginners

After seeing how popular my post about transcription jobs to work from home was on Pinterest, it’s that I decided to write about Transcriptionist Jobs for newbies since not a lot of people have experience in the transcription field.

Are you one of those people looking for a transcribing job? If so, you must want to read this post.

The lack of experience can be a big problem when it comes to being hired by a recognized company but fortunately, you still have a chance to be hired. Yes!  Because there are companies hiring newbie transcriptionists without any experience.  And I am sharing them with you.

Before moving on to the companies that offer transcriptionist jobs for newbies, let me tell you why this job is becoming popular.

Why Transcriptionist Jobs are becoming popular.

  • It is a legit job to work from home.
  • It is a great opportunity job for stay-at-home moms because of its flexible hours.
  • You can turn it into a full-time job if you wish.
  • If you take some training, you may start a career as a transcriptionist and make a full income.

Do you think there are enough reasons to apply for this job? I would say yes 😉


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After clarifying the above let’s review the ten most popular companies to start a transcriptionist career.


10 Companies Offering Transcriptionist Jobs for Newbies



GoTranscript is one of the most recognized companies in the transcription services market because of its quality/price ratio. The reason, so it is among the preferred of the most prestigious universities for transcription works.

Having said the above is that you should consider applying for transcription jobs for newbies. Since with their background, you may be sure you will be working for a serious and legit business and where for sure you may grow as a transcriptionist.

But what do you need to apply for the job? There are only three things you will need. First of all, you need a computer; the second thing is the internet connection to your network, and the third and last thing is to approve the transcription test. But no worries, this test is not difficult if you read their guidelines before trying the exam. 

How much may you make? It all depends on how much work do you want to do. So, you may earn from $150 per month until $1215.

What will you be transcribing? A wide variety of jobs that can range from a police investigation to a book search.

How do you get paid? You get your payment Via Paypal for your finished work every week.

Start a Career as a Transcriber today! GoTranscript is looking for transcriptionists from all over the world. 



This is another Global Transcription Company that accepts newbie transcriptionists. Scribie has the same requirements as Go Transcript to apply for the job; which are a computer connected to the internet, a PayPal account, a good comprehension of English and approving the transcription test.

How much you may make. $5 to $20/audio hour pay rate. Nevertheless, I have to make clear that an audio hour is not a real work hour. Typing an audio hour, it could take you 4 to 6 hours, which will depend on your typing skills and comprehension of English. Another thing you will want to know is that they have a $ 5 monthly bonus for every 3 hours completed. Cool!

What will you be transcribing? General Transcription.

How do you get paid? Your earning is credited to your account every time you complete the transcription process. Then you may withdraw it to your PayPal account. 

Take a look at their website for more info.



TranscribeMe is a top-rated transcription company at the moment. And also one of the transcription Companies that best pays to its transcriptionists. Starting at $20 per audio hour, and being able to earn up to $2,200 per month!

How much you may earn. Starting at $20 per audio hour, and being able to earn up to $2,200 per month!

What you need to be hired. All you need is a computer or laptop connected to the internet, take the training and the exam, and that is it, once you pass it, you will start making money from home.

TranscribeMe is an excellent company to apply for transcriptionist jobs for newbies; although due to its high demand among transcriptionist looking for a job, the exam may be a bit more difficult than in other companies. But do not discourage, you may pass the test the first time following the training.

What will you transcribe? From very general transcriptions to more specialized as medical and legal transcriptions according to your knowledge and training.

How do they pay for your job? Weekly via PayPal.

FAQ page for more info.



Rev is a company looking for freelancers on transcription, caption, and translation. 

How you start working with them. As long you pass the grammar and transcription exam. 

What will you transcribe? Once you start as a freelancer, you could pick from a variety of lectures, interviews, podcasts and more.

How much will you earn? You may make from $0.40 to $0.60 per audio minute. Being able to make between $200-300 on average per month. Not enough? Well, you may earn up to $1495 if your abilities allow you to perform more work than the average.

How is the payment process? Once again, weekly via PayPal.


GMR Transcription

Although GMR transcription is another company that offers transcriptionist jobs for newbies; but without experience or certification in general transcription, it man be hard to pass the exam. Another thing that makes this company different from the others is that they ask the typists to accept at least 4 hours of audio per month.

Perhaps you may pass the test without any problem due to your excellent skills, but before considering to apply, you might want to know they ask they typists to accept at least 4 hours of audio per month.

If you are curious about the payment as a transcriptionist at GMR Transcription, unfortunately, they do not reveal the payment rates until you are hired. 

Would you want more info on the application process? Go to and look for careers. 


1-888 type it up is another of the highest-paying transcription companies on the internet; being the lowest paying rate $36 per audio hour. Or $ 0.60 to $ 3.00 per minute of audio. I bet after knowing the payment you are ready to apply; but not so fast, before, you have to know there is a $15 fee for the job application.

I bet after knowing the payment you are ready to apply; but not so fast, before, let me tell you about the fee job application.

You may pay a $15 fee for the application which is not refundable; a charge that subsidizes the costs for the staff members who review the applications and the transcript exam. Fair enough considering they offer a high payment to be transcriptionist jobs for newbies. If you decide to pay and submit the form, you immediately receive the transcription exam to your email, which you must pass.

And what about the payment?  They will pay you twice a month via PayPal.

Come and see what else they have for you.


Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is another company looking for a freelance transcriptionist, and guess what? They also love giving an opportunity to novice transcribers. The only requirement you need as a newbie is to approve the transcription test.

In case you are interested you might want to know some differences between working with them and the other transcription companies. While in most of the other transcription companies, you usually decide which projects you want to work on and when; in Daily Transcription you work on an “on-call/as-needed” which means there is no guarantee how much work you will have in a week. 

While in most of the other transcription companies, you usually decide which projects to work on and when to work; in Daily Transcription you work on an “on-call/as-needed”; so there is no guarantee how much work you will do in a week. 

Other of their differences is that many of their clients belong to the entertainment industry; who most of the time request the job for the same day.

As for the payment to the transcriptionist jobs for newbies, unfortunately, I do not have the figures since apparently it depends on each assigned project.


Come and take a look at their website to know more. 



Appen online is not precisely a transcription company; it is a website where you may find many different types of jobs to do from home. Appen is a site connecting companies with people who are interested in working from home. 

Among the jobs you may find besides transcriptionist jobs for newbies are social media evaluator, web search evaluator, translator and more.


Interested in Web Search Evaluators? Visit my post – Search Engine Evaluator Jobs and learn how to start a career by searching the internet. 


Freelancer and Upwork

They are two websites where what you need to do is just open an account and offer your services as a transcriber.

About how much you could earn by using these platforms. Well, it all depends on how much you decide to charge per your work. Cool, right?

What do you think about transcriptionist jobs for newbies? Do you think this is the kind of job you want to do? Let me know your thoughts or comments, as well if you have any questions; I will be happy to help.



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