Virtual Assistant Jobs

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are looking to work from home, perhaps you may want to know about Virtual Assistant Jobs. 

Working as a Virtual Assistant gives you the opportunity as I said before of working from home but also on your own schedule due to you decide on which project you want to work and how many hours per day or week.

This job can be the part-time job that probably you are looking for but not only that, you can also make enough money for an extra income. Otherwise, if you decide to work full-time because your schedule allows it, then you want to know it is possible to make an entire income working as a full-time virtual. Great, right?

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Okay, now that you are interested in becoming a Virtual assistant let me tell you what a Virtual assistant does in case you don’t have it clear yet.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

As the name says it as an assistant, you will have to assist people to perform some of the tasks that they don’t have time to do for different reasons. The tasks may be related to their personal life or with their business.

Are you wondering why becoming a virtual assistant? Well because you do not need to work from a particular office since all the tasks can be done perfectly online or by phone; which means you can work from anywhere!

Okay, now you know what a VA is then let’s see some of the many different tasks that an assistant may perform.  

Task you will perform as a VA

  • Data Base Entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing Email
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing/Management
  • Task around Social Media
  • Online Research
  • Social Tasks
  • Travel Research
  • Processing Customer Orders for eCommerce Business
  • Phone Calls
  • Writing

This is a shortlist of many different projects that you might do as a Virtual Assistant. Everything will depend on who you wanna work with.

What you need to become a Virtual Assistant

Let’s talk about Skills first. You need three essential skills to consider this job.

  1. Ability to communicate with people.
  2.  Skills on organization and managing time
  3.  Basic Computer Skills, and the internet.

Other skills are also important but not necessary to get a job as a virtual assistant since each job is different. Among other skills are, knowledge of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, being bilingual, etc. And of course, if you have experience in the field as an assistant that will give you greater opportunity to get a job or project with better pay.

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How much you can make

It all depends on the job or task you are asked to perform, as well as the number of hours you decide to work. But the average on regular tasks is between $ 12-25 per hour, the more skills you have, the better pay you receive. You might also find some jobs that pay less than $ 10, but as you can imagine it is something that it’s easy to perform.

Finally, you can also work per project where you may earn up to $200 depending on the difficulty of the project and the time it takes to do it.

Where to find Virtual Assitant Jobs

There are two different ways to work as a VA.

The first one is working as a Freelancer where you are the one seeking for your clients. This option is very convenient if you want to put your own rate and your conditions to work.

If you do not know how to look for clients, you can do it through websites where they post jobs for freelancers. Here are some that in my opinion are trustworthy.



The second option is working as a VA for a company where you wouldn’t be exactly an employee but rather a freelance contractor where you also decide how many hours want to work. But they set your rate based on your skills. Here are some of the companies where you can apply and are recognized by their customers for having an excellent virtual assistant service.

Fancy Hands


Assistant Match


Time etc



Well, this is it. I hope you enjoy this article and you’ve found the job you were looking for. But In case you are not sure about being a Virtual Assistant perhaps you want to check other ideas to make money from home. Here are my 8 excellent ways to make money from home.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs. Work from home as a virtual assistant to make an extra income.

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