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12 Real Ways to Make Money Online From Home

How to Make Money Online From Home

Nowadays it is very common to find many advertisements promoting how you and I may make money online from Home. But is it true we can make money online? Or better yet, can we make money online from home? Or rather that, are there real ways to make money online?

Well, I asked myself all these questions too. So, that was the reason I did exhaustive research on how I could make money online from home. And the truth is it surprised me to find lots of ways to make money online from home.

Searching for Real Ways to Make Money Online From Home

But, why I wanted to learn how to earn money from home and not get a job like everyone else? Well, as a new mom is difficult to leave your son with someone so you can go to work. I really did not want to lose all the good moments with my son, so I stayed at home.

But not for that reason I would stop looking for a way to contribute to the family income. And what better way to do it than on the internet, allowing me to stay at home.

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Searching for ways to make money online from home, I found a lot of bad things. Many programs promising how to earn hundreds, fast and easy. But guess what? each program requested a registration fee to be part of that “amazing opportunity.”

For a while, I refused to pay for any program due to the fear of being scammed. But, as you can imagine the curiosity was stronger, and I fell into temptation.

I asked myself “what if it’s true”? So I registered for one of those survey programs offering high payments for each survey completed. As you imagine, it was a fraud.

That was the first and last time I paid for a program without reviewing it carefully before. I got my lesson and said, never again!

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So, Is It True We Can Make Money Online?

Ways to make money online from home-2

Based on the experience gained during my searching for ways to make money online from home, I may answer the following questions.

1. Are there real ways to make money online from home?

Yes, there are many realistic ways to make money online from home and I’ll share them with you.

2. Is it possible we can make a lot of money online quickly and easily?

No, there is no way you can make “A Lot Of Money Quickly and Easy”. With this, I am not saying you can not make money online fast and easy; but definitely, you won’t make thousands!

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Real Ways to Make Money Online from Home

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12 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online From Home

1. Transcription Jobs

The transcription job is excellent for people looking for flexible jobs, but it also is a great way to make more than a few hundred dollars. The best part is that you do not necessarily need experience due to there’re companies hiring newbie transcriptionists. Know some of these companies in my post: Transcription Jobs for Newbies.

You have to pass an audio exam to be hired in which your transcription and grammar skills would be tested. Once you pass the test you’ll receive an email letting you know how and when you can start.

Every company pays different rates per minute audio text transcribed but the average is $0.40. This means on average you may make from $200 to $1000 per month, depends how much you transcribe monthly. Although, once you get more experience you may make much more.

Regarding the payment, this may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Via check or via PayPal; depending on which company you work.

Do you have experience as a transcriber? Click here to know my 9 companies list where you will find companies hiring transcribers with experience.

2. Translator / Interpretation Jobs

Working as a translator or interpreter online is coming popular as a side hustle to make money online from home. Online translators may work for translation companies or 100% independently through websites like Freelancer or Upwork. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, promoting yourself on Freelancer or Upwork you are the one who establishes the rates; but it can be difficult to get your first clients.

On the other hand, if you decide to work for a translation company, they are who look for the customers. The only disadvantage that I see is, you will work under their conditions and rates, which is okay too.

If you decide to work for a translation company keep in mind some companies ask for experience and/or certification; although there’re others they don’t.

No experience in teaching? Check for and

Do you have experience or translation training? Visit and

This is how much you can earn on average.
Rate per word: $ .20 to $ .30
Rate per hour: $10 to $20 per hour or even more depending on your abilities.
Rate per page: $8 to $12

3. Testing Websites & Apps

Becoming a website or mobile app tester is another great way to make money online from home. Absolutely you won’t become rich but you may make a few hundreds every month.

As the name says, as a tester you will test websites and apps for a company. Most companies request to complete a 20 minutes task using a specific website or app; for later, give feedback based on your experience.

Every company has its own tester rates but the average is $10 for a 20 min task; although you could make up to $50-90 for a 30-90 minute task.

Click here to know how to become a website tester.

4. Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual assistant like any other assistant performs other people’s tasks; with the difference that a virtual assistant may work from home due to the job is performed online. There are many tasks you may do as a virtual assistant; for example, managing an email account, writing, social media managing, traveling tasks database entry, among others.

Don’t you have experience in the field? Don’t worry, there are companies hiring a Virtual Assistant without experience! In addition, you could do some virtual assistant courses offered by the company with you decide to apply.

The average rate for your services as a virtual assistant is $16-18 per hour; however, as you gain experience you could earn $25 per hour or more. See here the companies where you can apply.

5. Online Tutoring

Making money online from home giving tutorials is a great option for teachers or people with a background in teaching. It doesn’t matter what your specialty or knowledge is, there’re always people looking for help from what you know.

There are many kinds of tutorials you may offer on the internet. For example, if you speak a second language you could give tutorials about it. Many websites hire people like you with and without experience willing to teach students all over the world. Click here to know these companies.

But, what if you have a background in math, sciences, physics or any other subject?  there is a website called that offers online tutor jobs to people with experience in these subjects.

Regarding how much you can earn is a bit difficult to say since it depends on several factors. Among these factors are, the experience in the field, working hours, and if you work for a company or independently.

However, searching on the internet I learned you can make from $16 per hour up to $50. Nothing bad, huh?

6. Freelance

Whatever your background, knowledge, and skills are, I’m sure you can start a business as a freelancer with them.
Why is that? Probably you do not know but every day a lot of people look for help in different areas; where? On the internet! For example, somebody looking for a person who gets a job done for them; or a person looking for professional advice. These are just some simple examples of services offered on the internet, however, there are many others requested every day.

Do you like the idea of becoming a freelancer? Then, check Fiverr which is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services. This means it’s the first place where people look for freelancers! Go here to learn how you can make money as a freelancer.

7. Search Engine Evaluator

If you like surfing the internet then this is what you would want to try. For those who don’t know what a search engine evaluator is, it’s the person who makes sure search engines like google and yahoo show the exact information people search. To perform this job, you do not need to have experience in search engines but you must feel comfortable using a computer and the internet.

As a Search Engine Evaluator, you won’t make a lot of money, but you may make a few hundred dollars.

Click here to learn how to become a search engine evaluator.

8. Photography

This is one of the jobs that are becoming popular on the internet due to every day more bloggers look for their services. If you are creative and like photography, then, you absolutely may make money online from home selling your pictures. You could earn up to $100 dollars per photograph.

Click here to see where you may sell your pictures.

9. Blogging

For those who still wonder if is real that anyone can make money online blogging the answer is yes. However, I have to say maybe it’s not as easy as you read heard. This doesn’t mean you can’t make money blogging only that to achieve it you will have to work a little more than what you think.

Making money online from home blogging, in my opinion, is one of the best work from home jobs with very good profits. I suggest you getting some help if you don’t know anything about blogs because in these days blogging is very competitive.

Getting help doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find help on Facebook groups for newbie bloggers, who are always happy to help. In addition, you may find online programs that can help you to understand about blogs and how to make money with it.

Based on my experience I recommend Wealthy Affiliate where I learned what I know about blogging. I joined WA because I had the opportunity to start my blog for free as well I could learn about the business with their courses.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate in my post Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to make money online from home because every day more people buy products online. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote the products you are affiliated with, earning a commission for each sale you do. Would you like to make money online with affiliate marketing? Click here to learn how exactly make money with affiliate programs. 

11. Selling your Stuff Online

Although you won’t become a millionaire, you could make good money selling the things you no longer want. No idea what to sell online? You could sell your old and unused electronics, movies, CD’s, clothing, etc.

If you have items you’ve been thinking of getting rid of, I invite you to read my post How to sell your stuff online or where to sell electronics online. I’m sure both will be very helpful.

12. Online Surveys

Perhaps you’ve already heard of making money with online surveys but you’re not sure it is true. Well, the truth is you’ll have to spend more time than what you think to make over $200. Making money online with Online surveys for me is more a hobby than a side hustle. I really enjoy filling online surveys because I can know products before they come out on the market and share my opinion. But the best part I get paid for it! Isn’t it fun?

Check out my Top Five Online Surveys to earn a couple hundred every month.

This is it! I hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you have clear there are legitimate ways to make money online from home I hope it’s easier for you choosing one. Just remember to be careful when someone promises you a lot of money easily and fast! That is a red flag! 😉


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  1. When I started trying to find ways to earn money online, I started by completing surveys but then I learned about Wealthy affiliate and as it’s free I checked it out. And I’ve never looked back!
    I fell in love with blogging and the community in Wealthy Affiliate which is always there when you need something!

    1. Darmendra Singh

      Hi Jenny, glad you share your experience in the Wealthy Affiliate Community and still happy with the program. I started the program a little bit more than 2 years ago and I love its members and the training which has helped me build my own online business and make money on the side.  Hopefully, more people looking for ways to make money online choose to try it like you. 

      Best wishes to your blog,


  2. What a refreshing look to the whole concept of making money on line. I love your website, I love the design, and love the fact that finally someone has made it more feminine and appealing. Most of the time Working from Home website seem to be constructed my men for men and you have a very fresh and inviting look at the entire concept.You certainly inspired me into working from home!

    1. Thank for your comment Barbara, it makes me very happy that 12 real ways to make money online from home motivate you to want to work from home.


  3. Thanks for your very informative post. Too many people think that they have to have a service of their own product to make money online. While those are legitimate ways to do online marketing, you have pointed out so may other ways monetize the internet. You’ve really pointed out that the web can be a great place to waste a lot of time, or a great place to make money! Keep up the good work !

    1. Hi David, 

      Thanks for reading and happy you found 12 real ways to make money online from home helpful. 



  4. Very interesting and entertaining post. In my humble opinion it lacks a lot of other ways of making money online like having an Youtube channel, a drop ship business, stock market investing, sports betting, etc.

    But the review of the survey industry is very faithful to the reality saying it’s almost impossible to earn more than 200€ a month.

    Conclusion there are several ways to make money online,mI just thinknyounhave to put down the effort.



    1. Hi Bruno,

      Yes, you are right when saying there are other ways to make money online from home that I do not mention in this post. The reason for this is that this post is aimed at people who do not have much knowledge of the Internet but they want to make money online.




    What a refreshing look to the whole concept of making money on line. I love your website, I love the design, and love the fact that finally someone has made it more feminine and appealing. Most of the time Working from Home website seem to be constructed my men for men and you have a very fresh and inviting look at the entire concept.You certainly inspired me into working from home!

    1. Hi,

      Happy to hear this post inspires you to want to work from home. I hope some of these 12 Real ways to make money online from home can work for you.

      Thanks for reading and leave your comment.


  6. Great job Darmendra! it’s very helpful and clarifying about the different kind of jobs anyone can do staying at home! I’ve never found all these ways in the same place and it helps to make order in mind (often going up and down through websites is more confusing than useful!). Very good job!

    1. Hi Miche,

      Happy to know you like and found this post helpful. And yeah, these 12 ideas to make money online from home can be performed from anyone who stays at home.

      Thansk for reading and leave your comment.

  7. Making money online use to be my favourite word i always checked online, infact i search for legit ways to make money online came across a lot of them like click bank, swagbuck etc. But all to no avail Thank God i met someone who introduced me to wealthy affiliate, hoping to get a wonderful experience with this wonderful site and recommend to every one i know is interested.

    1. Hi Seun,

      Happy to know you already know wealthy affiliate which is one of my top 5 real ways to make money online from home. So many different ways to make money online in one place. Learning about online marketing at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways to achieve your dream of becoming your own boss one day.

      Thanks for sharing your experience at Wealthy Affiliate.



  8. Hi there,

    I went through your list and I must say that it has potential, real potential!  From the 12 ways you list in your article, I found a few that are my favorites.  These are my choices:

    Affiliate Marketing. Because of the low startup cost and high commission.  The only downside of affiliate marketing is to get traffic, you need a LOT of quality content before starting to see some money.

    Blogging.  Actually, I think that blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand.  One can use affiliate marketing to monetize their blog right?

    Freelancing.  It takes some time to become popular and to start getting some gigs, but once the ball starts rolling it can be a very lucrative way to make money.

    I tried surveys in the past and my personal opinion is that those are a waste of time.  Someone has to work a long time to make a little bit of money.  I see that you do enjoy taking surveys.  I guess it’s a matter of preference and choice.    Like I said before, I tried in the past but did not find it worth the time spent. Do you still fill them out? Did you find any of them worth it?

    Thanks for tips!  Will be bookmarking this page for future reference!

    1. Hi Denis,

      First of all, thank you for reading 12 real ways to make money online from home.
      On the other hand, I agree with you that online marketing goes hand in hand with blogging. 

      However, due to the great influence of social media in the world, we can also use online marketing on social media to make money.

      And as for making money online by filling out surveys, you are right when say that we can not make a lot of money but in my opinion is kind of fun and entertaining. In my case I do it as a hobby when I have free time and if I find the survey interesting. 

      One of my favorite survey programs is Product Report Card since they have focus groups that can pay up to $ 75.

      Another thing I like from that survey program is that I get paid for testing products, products that sometimes they are not even in the market yet.   

      Another thing I like from that survey program is that I get paid for testing products, products that sometimes they are not even in the market yet. But once again all depends on the personality of each person.

      Thanks for reading and for considering this blog for future references.



  9. Hello Darmendra,Thank you for showing us the opportunities we have to earn money online working from home. 

    In my case, I prefer the “Affiliate Marketing”.

    It’s what I like the most because it gives me the opportunity to promote and sell different types of products and services around the world. 

    I believe I have skills learned in the last years that gave me many satisfactions in the salesGreetings! Claudio

    1. Hi Claudio,

      Affiliate Marketing is one of my top choices to make money online from home too. 

      Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative when we learn the right strategies to makes it work that definitely you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven’t tried it I invite you to check it out; you can start a free account and still learn about online marketing. I hope you like it.

      Thanks for reading and your comment.



  10. I am sorry that you signed up for the fraud platform. It happened to me as well, several times. Now, I always do my research before I buy into anything. Here is what I think, if the fraud websites can make money online, we CAN MAKE money online. We just have to be patient and be realistic about it, think of it like learning a new language. Thank you for the list. I have never of Transcription before and will give it a try. Already saved your post on my favorite 🙂

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences on trying to make money online. Sad you had experienced some scams too but I am sure you got your lesson, so, hopefully, it won’t happen again.

      On the other hand, Online Translation is getting very popular and many companies are looking for freelance translators instead of translation companies; you should give it a try if you are bilingual.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  11. What a detailed and informative post about making money online! When it comes to making money online, most people have got the wrong perception about it and, unfortunately, many have totally missed the road that links to financial freedom. Many thought they could leverage the internet to become wealthy overnight and when they can’t get it as expected, they get upset and lose focus. Most newbies have now become so sceptical about online business thinking that it isn’t possible to make money or become wealthy online.

    In your post, I came across something that’s completely new to me which is making money to test websites. Sincerely, I never knew I could make money testing other people’s websites. This is really awesome. I also appreciate the analysis you gave about affiliate marketing, blogging and others. These are excellent ways to make money online. Thanks for the helpful post!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Hi Israel, 

      Totally agree about the misperception of making money online. I think most people think is only for a stereotype of people and also believe if they do not make money fast it will never happen.

      What I am trying to show with these 12 real ways to make money online is that anyone can do it there are options for everyone and you decide if you want to do only a few extra bucks per month or make a full income depending what you choose.

      Thanks for your comment.


  12. Your story about getting tempted to pay for a work at home opportunity made me feel less alone. There are so many scams out there and the more you look around and research them, the more of those land in your email box  – making you vulnerable to fall for it over and over 100 different ways.  Thank you for sharing your story – and providing so many helpful and realistic options that work for mothers like us! You have inspired me to check out some options that I haven’t considered before – as well as giving folks an idea of how much you can make from those choices.  I think it is lovely that you continue that page with a link to ways to make money from the car! A natural transition! Very cool how it lets the ideas just blossom naturally with the way you have arranged the  page! 

    1. Hi Casey,

      Thanks for your comments I really appreciate them. As well I have to say that it makes me happy of knowing I am helping other people to find legit ways to make money online while they are staying at home, as is the case of moms like us.

      I am glad you found some good ideas in this post that you would like to try for making money online from home.

      Good luck and thanks again for stopping by.


  13. Making money online use to seem so difficult but determination to make it in the digital world has brought me this far, i started with survey sites like mobrog, swagbucks, etc but i was introduced to wealthy affiliate last month and so far its been awesome and i hope it continues like this because its amazing. Nice article by the way

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks for stopping by and read this post, I am glad you liked.

      I am also happy for you that you’re already part of Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn everything about online businesses and how to make real money online. I am sure soon you will start making money online with your own business if you haven’t done it yet.


    1. Hi!

      I’m glad you found this article useful. but tell, what of these 12 real ways to make money online from home did you find more useful for you? I mean, which one of these ideas to earn money online would you like to try?

      Have a great day and thanks for reading!


    1. You’re welcome! I hope you put into practice some of the options from the list of 12 real ways to make money online from home, so you can make an extra income that I’m sure you’ll be happy to have it.

  14. Nice article, interesting to read the list of 12 real ways to make money online from home I think they are real ways for anyone to make some cash at home.

    Thanks for sharing.

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