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Ways to Save Money on Vacations

Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacations

Everybody loves going on vacation because it’s when finally we can get some rest and a lot of fun, right? But it is true that most of the time we hesitate taking vacations because our budget is tight and we don’t want to deal with our credit cards after that trip. Am I correct? Sadly it is true for many of us. 

But what about if I tell you it is possible to take awesome vacations and save a lot of money at the same time? Wouldn’t it be incredible we could save money while we travel? I am sure this is a perfect combination that everybody wants to experiment, especially traveling lovers and for sure, parents with big families 🙂

Well, if you want to learn different ways to save money for your next family trip or any other journey, you are in the right place since today I will share with you how to do it by using two simple apps, and guess what? They are free!

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Two Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip.

As I told you before, you may be able to save money on all of your trips with two different applications of which I am speaking below.

1. Ebates, now named Rakuten.

Perhaps you’ve heard this app before, but you just do not know you could use it as one of the many ways to save money while you travel. 

In case you’ve never heard about, I’ll explain to you quickly what it’s all about.I’ll explain to you quickly what it’s all about.

Ebates is a Cash Back program which means that every purchase made through this site gives you back a percentage of the money spent which you may see immediately on your Ebates account and receive it via check in a few weeks, that simple!

If you want to know more about Ebates and if it’s legit or not go you might want to read my post  Is Ebates a Scam? 

But the cashback program is not the only way you can save money since they also have exclusive deals for Ebates members like significant discounts or double cash back at many different stores, hotels, activities, and more. 

But you do not get it yet how exactly you can save money using Ebates for your vacations. Next, I am sharing some examples of how to use it.  

Hotel Reservations 

On the Ebates website, you may find different ways to book a hotel.

  • The first way is looking for Ebates Hotels on the searching bar. After selecting Ebates Hotels, the site brings you to a particular page where you may find your preferent hotel an book it. You will notice this page works as a partner of, the World’s Largest Travel Site which guarantees that you will always find great deals but also 7% cashback on every hotel by using Ebates Hotels. Awesome!

Ways to save money

Here is an example of how much money you could get back from a Hotel at Universal Studios 

Ways to Save Money on Hotels

As you can see the price for the Universal’s Loews Sapphire Falls Resort is $204.19 per night which means your cashback is $14.29 per night! So if you stay 3 nights at this hotel your cashback is about $42.87.
It’s not amazing! Honestly, so far I don’t know other sites doing the same.

  • You can also search for your favorite Hotel Chain or another Travel Site on the searching bar such as,, comfort inn by choice hotels among others.  

Ways to save money on Hotels

As you can see in the picture above each site offers a different Cash Back. 

Flight Reservations

Another way to save money on your trip is by booking your flights through many booking sites on Ebates, where you can get up to 12.5% on Cash Back.

Ways to Save Money on Flight Tickets

Car Rentals

Besides, if you need to rent a car for your next trip, you also have the opportunity to find special offers on rent a car through Ebates plus Cash Back. Here are some examples of Cash Back from different sites.

Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals


Finally, in Ebates you can also save money on food since here you find two sites that offer coupons, promo codes and Cash Back. These sites are and Dander Restaurants.

Ways to Save Money on Food

Ready for Signing Up to Ebates? You will get a $10 bonus after you register. And, if you refer to two friends you earn $5.00 for each one after they sign-up + $20 (each) when they make their first purchase. Don’t you think this is an excellent way to make some extra money, as well for saving money? Oh yeah!

Do not hesitate to register, remember that it is free and you do not lose anything for trying, but you will miss the chance to save money if you do not. 😉

2. Groupon

Groupon is another way to save money during your trip. This site offers exclusive offers to its members in thousands of products, restaurants, hotels, activities and much more. And the best part is that Groupon is a global company being able to use it in more than 28 countries.

If you want to know more about Groupon and how it works read my post How to Save Money with Groupon

Below you can see the different deals for your travel. 

Ways to Save Money on Groupon

Definitely, in Groupon, you may find many offers and discounts for your next trip, from tickets to amusement parks, theater, cinema, museums, tours and more! If you have a trip soon, you have to check the site.

Take a look at the website here! I am sure after this you will want to be part of Groupon. 

What do you think? Did you like my ways to save money on my trips? Let me know your opinion about Ebates and Groupon. As well I would love to know your ways to save money on your vacations.

See ya!

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